Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Who can make me stand in the rain for a glimpse, and other crazy fan things

She's a repeated celebrity on my blog. But first I saw Henry Kissenger. Waahooo!!Ok now to the important suff. Who's this hot best friend...who frankly I think is the Wizard behind the curtain Gayle King, or simply Gayle, Oprah's best friend. Ok I was a few seconds off and missed a really good shot. But who cares, I have plenty of good pictures, but what the hell is going on with Oprah's hair lately, she has been getting more matronly. She's not so old that she needs to do this pulled back Katherine Graham hairstyle. Oprah in green on the Red Carpet (which was brown)!! Check out Gayle's muscled legs.Ironically, right across the street at another event promoting the new Lexus 460, (you can see the red of the library banners on the left in background), LUDACRIS. I wanted to tell him who was across the street getting an award, perhaps sending him into a Kanya West rage, but he seemed a little out of it. You will recall their feud when he said Oprah feels that rappers degrade women and insists he would like to return to the Oprah show to discuss rap music, even though she won't invite him to. Funny scary story, the other night when I was at an event I haven't blogged about yet, I met a guy on the Red Carpet of the Conde Nasts "Black Ball", a charity event supporting kids with AIDs in Africa. Anyway, I met this guy and was chatting, he got especially excited when we saw Gayle King. He said he was a big fan of Oprah's. I told him that on Monday there was gonna be an Oprah event at the NY Public Library and she was getting an award and they usually have a fan set up to see arrivals. Well last night while waiting for the departures this guy comes up to me, I didn't recognize him at first, especially because he was in a tux, but then caught on that it was him. I asked him how much he had to pay for the ticket, he said "Oh I'm a cater waiter and I found out who was catering, and applied." Hmmm I thought. Did you see Oprah, "I arranged it to be her waiter, and of course, I tried to get a photo with her, but her bodyguards said take it while she's walking she won't be posing." He then tried to get close a few more times, but nothing worked out with him. WHEW, I think he has a little bit more of an obsession than me, or maybe he's just a little more creative. What do you think?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg, you got so close to oprah!

lucky dude. you are so dedicated you go out in the rain on a night like this to entertain ur viewers, thats a blogger!

11/14/2006 3:38 AM  
Blogger moviemerlin said...

It's official, you're stalking Oprah. How many times is that now??... Hehe... gee that photo's close!

11/14/2006 9:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should be Oprah's acquaintance-by-name, by now!!!!

11/14/2006 10:40 PM  

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