Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Charlotte's Web Premiere starring Dakota Fanning

The set-up wasn't the best for me to get very good shots of the arriving celebs, but I gave it my best shot (hmm pun intended) Pictured here in foreground in the blue hat is an honest to goodness autograph seeker. He's an accountant by day, single and lives at home. He started off by collecting autographs by sports figures and it just morphed into celebrities. (Although having stood next to him for one too many events, he's not up on the names of todays celebrities. Imagine Arnold Horshalk from "Welcome Back Kotter" or Samuel 'Screech' Powers from "Saved by the Bell" constantly asking you "Who's that?", "Is that anyone?". Then there's Simon, a paparazzi fan like me, and next to him a tourist, "What's going on?", "anyone famous here?" guy from the UK. To the left of them, moviegoers. Our host for the show,, Gossip columnist Liz Smith. The 3rd sighting of one of the women that was on my TOP Ten list to shoot in 2006. Behind her and to the left is Cynthia McFadden, single mother of one, best friend of Katherine Hepburns of 30 years and the excutor of her Estate. Hmm forever single Liz and forever single Cynthia. I think it's a relationship based on more than just journalism.I tried not to be too paparazzi when I shot Chris Meloni (L&O:SUV) and family calming son Dante down as he began to cry for some unknown reason as they exited their SUV. (This was the only shot I took). After the movie was over, they just walked down the street like normal folk, towards the subway.André Benjamin is an only child and was born in Atlanta and raised by a single mother. He met his future OutKast partner, Antwan "Big Boi" Patton, when the two attended Tri-Cities High School in East Point, Georgia. Lately I have heard that the OutKast partners have had a falling out as André is now more interested in making movies than singing. In Charlotte's Web André plays a crow in the barn. "The barn represents the world," says Benjamin, who voices Elwyn the crow. "You got cows, geese all different animals, they represent different nationalities. It's a great message. You see all these different animals in a barn getting along. They talk differently, they act differently, and they get along."
There's our girl, working the red carpet like a pro, but check out her feet, a childs akwardness. Between age 6 and current age of 12, Dakota has been in 15 movies.
Miss Fanning sure has an eclectic career. Up next is director Deborah Kampmeier's "Hounddog," in which Fanning's character is raped. Not to disappoint after the celebrities went it, I went and had a bite to eat. I returned in time for departures and asked Ms. Fanning for a picture. She was more than happy to comply. Thanks!! THE MOVIE OPENS FRIDAY December 15, 2006 Julia Roberts is Charlotte Kimora Lee Simmons, who'da thought I would have a nice long conversation with the Queen of Fabolous after the movie. She waited alongside her kids as we all waited for Dakot to leave the theater. Her kids began to complain, and Kimora said "Aoki and Ming, many people wait longer time than this for Mommy, so just be patient and Dakota will come out and talk to you." "If you need a coat, I will go in the Limo and get you one!" At this point was my conversation with Kimora. I had recently seen a show she did on the Style Network. I told her I loved the party she threw after her fashion show. She said that she hope she helped people in throwing parties and gave them good ideas. I said you sure did, I would have like to have tasted the $4,000 desserts that you served, you know the one's with the 24K edible gold sprinkled on top. She laughed. (She was really sweet, which sucked as I was about to write a funny nasty piece about her when I saw her at the Black Ball a week earlier, which I haven't written about yet.) After about 10 minutes Kimora realized who she was, and just went into the theater with the kids and got in line with the rest of the folks to get their Charlotte's Web book signed.


Blogger Sara C. said...

this theater is on my walk from subway to office and vice versa every morning and evening. i totally thought it was a grunged out neighborhood thee-ATE-her, not the kind of place people would have premieres...

12/14/2006 2:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yeah they do premiere there all the time, pretty crappy theatre though. I remember when I saw the material girls premiere there and I sat in front of hilary and haylie duff and hilary said "this place is such a dump" I started laughing my ass off.

Hughe great pics as usual, you never cease to amaze me.

12/14/2006 11:40 PM  
Blogger Sarah B. Roberts said...

Those are just adorable shots of Dakota. You really have the touch.

12/15/2006 9:18 AM  
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