Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It was the night before Fashion Day 1

and I had a blast. It's 2:43 and I have to get to sleep, the first show I am attending is 9AM, Nautica. Tomorrow there is no less than 13 parties I need to cover; Tonight I went to three; I dont have any shots that I want to post as of yet, but I can tell you that I have seen quite a few celebrities. More important I saw quite a few friends, and rode shot gun with my paparazzi friends who do it for a living, Marguarita and Carmen. SO much fun, lots of stories to share with my readers about the behind the scenes adventures. Tonight we hit the Tom Ford party, Van Cleef, Imitation of Christ, in addition to a few drive by's, which means we drove by a few of the clubs to see if there were shooters outside, SUV's, checking plates as only certain limos get to drive the celebrities. TONIGHT I shot a couple of rockers that don't get out much. They are being shopped as we speak and hopefully tomorrow I will hear about a few sales. GOOD NEWS for me, I have been credentialed for Fashion Rocks, which will really be the first MAJOR red carpet event that I will shoot at. It also means that I have to get a serious camera cord and drop another $100 bucks so my flash can take the beating of continous flashes of the celebs. Fashion Rocks is hosted by Jeremy Priven, Entourage, who I shot earlier tonight. Missed a shot of him helping to pick up a photographer that fell into a tree, as Jeremy was walking towards him. Now that would have been a good shot. Also I have to remember to tell you the story of someone calling Rachael Ray a bitch, that girl is just too big for her britches.
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