Tuesday, December 11, 2007


The NYC Fan Ciera was out in force again catching these celebrities as they returned to their hotels. It's a long, cold wait when you are trying to catch a celeb returning to their crib. Often they don't want to pose for you, they are tired, they are drunk or they think the child should get a life. It can be harsh, but we sure apreciate her hard work in getting us these shots. Here is MISS MARY J BLIGE SMILING no less. I do not have one of these, the girl doesn't even smile on the Red Carpet, no more drama girl is smiling and she has a hott red coat on, now go on, I wish I had waited out in the cold for this shot. The Connicks, even Jill looks like she is smiling, Jill does not smile, she is a sour puss. And Harry oh my god, you remember him last year at "The Pajama Game", he wouldn't let fans take his picture at the stage door, and look at him now, all smiling and loosingning his tie. Rosario Dawson completes the night, well she always smiles, she's the best. She looks amazing here. See the guy to the right, that's the famed Radioman (I wrote about him earlier this year, do a search if you want) but a Christmas tibit is he is the bum on the bench in the movie ELF, when Santa flies out of Central Park. He is crazy like a fox in person, but knows all the stars, and is invited to the Oscars every year, oh and has an XM radio show about celebrities. Oh yeah they're rich and they are just about to go to bed at the Four Seasons. P.S. Tonight is the WILL SMITH Movie premiere at Madison Square Garden (MSG) in New York City. I so wanted to go, especially because it was one of the last films I saw them shoot when I lived in NYC, but again, wuss here, can't stand the cold, on my winter sabatical. But you can go, and you can send me the photos, please!! I'll give you some tips, drop me an email or a comment.


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