Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Gandolfini Attacks #1 Fan! See who else he's a #1 Fan of..

James Gandolfini — the "Sopranos" TV mobster who made a living rubbing out nuisances, including his own kin — whacked a self-proclaimed "No. 1 fan" in the face at JFK Airport on Tuesday.

Click here to see video

Sporting a grizzly beard and wary with jet lag, Gandolfini had just stepped off a red-eye flight from L.A. after Sunday night's SAG awards when autograph hound Jason Ertischek, 24, of Brooklyn approached him with a piece of paper and pen in hand. "Can I be a 'Sopranos' baby?" Ertischek asked the star in a whiny, tough-guy accent. Gandolfini, with new wife Deborah Lin by his side, ignored Ertischek as paparazzi snapped away. Then the hulking actor suddenly whipped around and smushed the man's face with his hand. Click here for the rest of the New York Post report.

Two weeks ago this same opportunist gave Katherine Heigl a gift of Nicorette patches. Check out the video with the #1 fan handing her the boxes. (I think TMZ is making a fortune off this kid)

I wrote about this same "autograzzi" last July after the last celebrity he stalked told me about the incident you won't believe:


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