Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Before I get into what this photo is about, I have to tell you I took in on Friday night, well not the top photo, but the bottom one. In fact I am in the top photo to the right, as usual in my rush I am on the wrong side of my subject. Nonetheless I did correct myself. I would normally show you all the photos in the series, but I am back home in Philly working my day job, and I left my laptop with all my photos at my friends house as I will be back at Fashion Week on Thursday. I still have my day job, had I gotten in this racket 10 years ago, well maybe things would be different, but it's damn hard work, which I will write more about next week when I have all my photos with me. Anyway, Friday night I would have gone straight to Baby Phat, but it was pouring rain, the event was held at a nightclub, I was not credentialed to shoot it, even though I wrote a glowing love letter to Kimora, and the next time I see her I will tell her about it, she really is a sweetheart, anyway I got a call from a friend who was there and told me I should come by, the rain had stopped and things were looking good for exits. I left the Tents and dashed the 15 blocks to this event, even with the million cabs its hard to find one at 10PM in NYC on a Friday, so I get there, and of course go to the "stage door" thinking that is where everyone would leave, the VIPs I mean. Nope, it was the front. I catch my friends they tell me everyone that has left and I am disappointed in myself that I was slow, stupid and well lots of things, soaking wet being one of them. So Vivica Fox comes out, I'm excited, she's kinda B list now, working towards C List, but she looks fabulous and her next movie "Cover" will be premiering in Philly in a couple weeks and maybe the shoot will be picked up there, or heck I will just post it on my Philly Blog 'cause the movie was shot in Philly and that's a Philly thing. So my TMZ friend stops and asks her questions about Eve Mendes going into rehab (That's the latest craze I guess); it was a great opportunity for me as Vivica stopped to get face time. At the same time a "Fan" ie see yesterday's entry, starts yelling he wants "to get a picture with her", whe tells him off, and that's why my photos are so good because she's visibly disturbed. The best one isn't even here, 'cause I have one of her pointing at the guy who was yelling, and he was standing behind me. http://www.tmz.com/2008/02/04/vivica-to-eva-honey-i-know-how-ya-feel/


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