Friday, March 21, 2008

'Biggest Loser' 4 Contestant Nicole Michalik and Lisa from Philly's Q102

At an event last night. What an amazing job Nicole has done. She looks great. We're getting quite a lot of fun celebrities in Philadelphia. The other night I was lazy, a friend called me to tell me that Lauren Grahman and Jeff Bridges was eating at the restuarant that her cousin works at. I was at the gym, and then it was raining and I was like so over standing in the rain for that picture, which at any other time ie warmer weather, would have jumped at. Now what does that have to do with Nicole and Lisa, nothing. Just my random thoughts this week. Sorry to ignore you Confessions, I know I still have Fashion Week to write about, its only like almost 2 months ago. I must confess I am really busy, figuring out my path in Philly. Getting ready for the Phila Film Festival which should scare up a few celebs. Then its the TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL, I can't believe I am credentialed for that baby!! Oh and an awesome Meryl Streep Tribute too. See for the photos from SOUTH MOON UNDER Spring Celebration in Philly


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