Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rock Auction in Philadelphia priscilla presley meg ryan scary face

Oh how I have fallen down on the job of this blog, but the good news I did update my other blog. Oh and a comment, what did Priscilla Presley do to her face, doesn't her doctor love her, does she have the same doctor as Meg Ryan? Can't Lisa Marie tell her mom to stop screwing with her face. The other night I was invited to a lovely dinner; i hadn't seen the women who sat across from me since the holidays when she was botexed to death. I guess she decided to lay off the stuff for a bit, and let me tell you I have a better understanding of botox. It stretches out your face and when you stop doing it, you look like a witches hag as your skin is loose and sagging. It's such a shame too as this girl is only about 45 years old.


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