Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Does that hurt her eyes... I am coming up to my one year anniversary of shooting professionally in New York City, 'cause you know I started as a "fan" in Aug 2005, then moved back to Philly and started in March 2007 and then went to NYC 5/4/07 for my first gig - The Met Costume Ball, which I hope to be shooting from the Red Carpet on Monday night, which would bring this whole gig full circle. But just the fact that I shot Robert DeNiro twice in a week is a thrill. Thanks for reading. Praise the Lord Amy Poehler, now playing the title role in "Baby Mama," is one in real life as well. Her husband Will Arnett is on her right Why didn't the news sites run this photo, he's pointing right at her belly, don't they see what I see. Steve Martin is leering his next victim, Christie Lahti. Ya know I loved her since that movie with Mary Tyler Moore and Ted Danson.
What is Dax Shepard doing. OK actually a photographer was yelling to him that he should move closer so she could get a better shot, and he motioned and said "don't you have a zoom lense?" Doesn't my friend Suzanne look like Tina Fey? She's single guys and lives in NYC, and can afford it. Tina Fey Who is this women, she is awfully purple. I think she was going for worse dressed, but no one knew who the heck she was.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Luv your commentary, but why no photos of Kristen Bell?

4/30/2008 10:50 AM  
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