Thursday, April 03, 2008

THE BARREL OF A GUN Wrap Party in Philadelphia

It meant a lot to me to be invited exclusively to the wrap party for Tigre Hill's latest movie. I really do strive to be the kind of photographer directors and film makers can trust and allow me to shoot their events and know I will promote them in the best light. Below is author Sean Patrick Griffin, who's book "Black Brother's Inc" has been optioned for a movie to shoot in Philly in the fall, but that is all I can tell you as this plays into my trustworthy character, but it will be a doozy casting. And political columnist, TV "star" Mary Patel. (Mary's next project has been optioned into a movie too, but again I can't tell you anything, wish I could, isn't that what a scoop is?)

Tigre Hill releasing a lot of angst through laughter, with his friend Former Philadelphia Eagle Gary Cobb at the wrap party of "The Barrel of A Gun" in Philadelphia. A documentary on the death of Officer Daniel Faulkner and the conviction of Mumia. I love this candid shot. I remember the second after this Tigre pointed at me and laughed again acknowledging that I took it. I wish candids at night could be more stealth and I didn't have to use that flash and tip off people. Mary Patel with Chad Jenkins the cinematographer for both her film "Electile Dysfunction" and Tigre Hill's film "The Barrel of a Gun." Cinematographer Chad Jenkins, producer Tara Nurin, Producer Ed Kenedy, director Tigre Hill, Executive Producer Kevin Kelly and Art Director Matt Chom (Editors note: I think I have told you before, if I hear that a shot may be published, locally, I usually wait until after it appears in the paper. On Tuesday a photo from this event did make the paper:

and then one in Mary Patel's column, which I have to say has a great write up of the party: )

Starting today is the begining of THE PHILADELPHIA FILM FESTIVAL, which was really the start of my shooting career. This year I know what I am doing and will bring to you each day a whole bunch of shots on so you can follow along.


Blogger moviemerlin said...

Just got Mariah last night. Will blog about it. Actually, I'll blog my week. What a week I've had. It's like I've lived your life for a week, Hughie!

4/04/2008 11:31 AM  
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