Monday, April 28, 2008

MARIAH CARREY NICK CANNON MR. CHOW'S E=MC2 DA BRAT and how I got the photos in New York City

After shooting the Vanity Fair Party that kicks off the Tribeca Film Festival, my two friends, Margarita, Carmen (PhotoImagePress - Photo Agency) and I headed to my new fav restaurant - Bubby's In the car I mentioned overhearing that Mariah may be having a party, did they hear about that. Nope. After a phone call someone did verify there was a party, but as business goes, they couldn't mention it to me because of who I was rolling with that night. I am switzerland, and roll with a lot of different groups, and respect when one group wants the shot, if I am with another group that night. Lucky us, as we finished dinner I of course still want to shoot and as Thom Cardwell says would go to an envelope opening if I can get a shot. I noticed a bunch of cars across from Bubby's and wondered what that place was. "It's Mr Chow's" Margarita exclaims. Really, I say, that's Mr. Chow's, I always wondered where it was. Alot of "people" seem to go there. Margarita drove by showing me the patio, and then Carmen noted all the black SUV's and other markings. Oh look there's Mariah's car. We quickly park.
And find out Mariah went in 10 minutes ago, right as Carmen enjoyed her Key Lime Pie. But wait here come's Nick Cannon (I forgot about this photo, I didn't send it to my agency, and it wasn't reported that he too was at the party).
It's 11:30PM and we are in for a long night of waiting. We hang out on the sidewalk, chatting and watching Da Brat come out to the porch dancing to Mariah Tunes that almost all of Tribeca can hear. I am tempted to take a photo, as she is looking right at me, but know that without permission the scene could become a mess. Inside the door of Mr. Chow's I can see silver balloons spelling out MARIAH and gold ballons fill the ceiling and are tied to the railings. More people pile onto the patio, where people are smoking cigarettes and some wacky skunk smelling weed. As the night wears on the laughter mellows out and the girls begin to eat up and order champagne. Then at about 1AM, Sherrie comes out "Take a picture of me", I'm Mariah's back up singer. Will do Cherrie. To the left you can see some of the palms that shield the front porch where Da Brat is hanging. Slowly the place begins to release it's inhabitants. At about 1:10AM out comes LA Reid.Da Brat. Who is cool, stops for a photo and says "That's right, stop the hating". Next to her is her producer, who I wish I could recall his name and company. By this time a cute asian girl has popped up on the scene. She is a huge Mariah Carey fan. She got out of bed as soon as she got the tip that Mariah was at Mr Chows. She used to live in Japan and follow Mariah there; when she Mariah first saw her in NYC, she "recognized" her. She tells me she's not like those other crazy Mariah fans. She's brought a gift for Mariah. She has a Hello Kitty band aid in her hand. She has to see where Mariah is wearing her's today so she can follow suit. (Mariah: right hand near thumb, see picture) Then it's time, and I feel that the asian girl isn't so crazy after all. I am all tingling. I am in a position where a lot of Mariah fans wish they could be, especially the ones that live in Middle America that are only going to read this blog and might never have a chance to see Mariah up close. WOW I am excited. Mariah's people tell us she is going to pose. So me and Carmen stop shooting so Mariah can get into position. The next two photos are basically the same. This one is Carmen's and the next is mine. What is so great about Mariah is she knows these photos are for her fans, and she gives eye contact to both photographers that are on hand. If I learned one thing about Mariah over the years, its that she really does appreciate her fans. The thing I like best about Carmen's photo, besides the contrasting shade, in my shot, Mariah has the seal of the door coming out of her head. Now most people might not notice that, but it drives me crazy. This is the whole scene. I think the women to Mariah's left in the black coat outfit is her mother, supporter or close assistant. She has a lot of butterflies Mariah has her butterfly ring on her wedding ring finger. (Two days later at the screening of her movie "Tennesee" she sported what looked like an engagement ring)
Here's Carmen hard at work, Mimi is looking towards me, but it's not a shot I will send anywhere. The fan is to my left, Mimi acknowledges her, grabs the gift, but the poor girl doesn't get a photo or anything as Mariah is whisked to the car. This is the shot Carmen go as Mariah looks toward me. The colors and clarity are so rich. Mariah looks mahvalous!!


Blogger moviemerlin said...

I actually just posted my Mariah picture today. I didn't have my proper camera though and there were too many paps anyway. She was ver nice, but it was pure madness trying to get near her. Was your experience like that also?

4/28/2008 6:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

THanks HughE for the pics. LOVE hearing your recap and seeing how the scene played out... Lisa in KC>

4/28/2008 4:26 PM  
Blogger Lori said...

That is fantastic. Great work! You know, Mariah only likes being shot from the right side, not the the left side.

5/01/2008 11:28 PM  
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