Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Patti Smith grew up in Deptford, NJ until the age of 17 when she left to pursue her dreams in NYC. Last night her movie was screened at the PFF on Closing Night. I had a few moments with her right before she hit the stage. I told her and her director, Steven Sebring, how moving the piece was. I asked where she grew up, Deptford, she went to Deptford High School. I almost asked her if she knew so and so and then realized I was talking to Patti Fucking Smith and got nervous and wanted to cry with admiration.

So you know if this was Madonna I would be falling at her feet, hugging her ankles for dear love spewing my emotions all over the place.Here's Patti and her son Jackson. Unbenost to us all Patti watched the movie from the audience. I knew her son was in the crowd because every time a scene with him in it came on, everyone heard outrageous laughter. It was only later when I asked a friend if they had taken Patti to dinner did she tell me that Patti watched the film with us. Team Derek was in the house, they watched the movie, said they were big fans. Later scored this 'graphs. I look forward to hanging out with these guys this summer catching stars, they seem to know where they be!To read more about the night, to see photos of you and your friends and the ICON PATTI SMITH, check out

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