Wednesday, April 09, 2008

WILLIAM H. MACY, JASON RITTER AND FIONA GLASCOTT at the 17th Annual Philadelphia Film Festival - Self Portrait Photo - Cast of The Deal

Yesterday the Phila Inquirer published this fun photo; it was the largest photo to date taking up two columns in the newspaper; it was an exclusive; I had no idea it was in yesterdays paper until someone called me. My paper was never delivered, as was everyone else in Center City. Something about a problem with their South Philly distribution center. Bummer:( My ego got just a little bit deflated, I thought maybe they'll run it again. Hmm I guess I am motivated by something else other than the joy of getting a good shot.


Actually every time I have a photo run, I secretly hope my arch enemy in eighth grade, Barry D sees it. I remember when I was the photographer on the school newspaper, my first assignment out was to cover the school assembly and the football rally. Barry was the schools bully, and quarterback on the football team. When I took his photo he screamed at me that he didn't want his photo taken by a faggot, I had no idea I was a faggot at the time, but I immediately quit being the photographer for the school newspaper and never pursued that career until last year.


Now when I get a shot published locally, I hope Barry sees it, while sitting on his tattered Archie Bunker lazy boy chair with his 10 screaming kids around him, well except the smart gay one who will be in his room reading my blog or thinking his dad is an ass.



Blogger moviemerlin said...

Ha ha ha ha!!! Love, love, love this post. Didn't know you were so funny, my friend!

And William H Macy... I'm more than a little jealous you've seen him!

4/09/2008 12:21 PM  

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