Thursday, June 29, 2006


I am soooo excited to see this movie. I saw them film it last year here in NYC. I went to 2 of the screenings, that means I went to see celebrities, not that I actually saw the film. Plus the fact that the movie is based on a book written by ANNA WINTOUR'S personal assistant is just as juicy as STAR JONES getting fired from THE VIEW. I never really knew who ANNA WINTOUR was until I moved to NYC and was ignored, and blown off by her about 5 times as I tried to take her picture. I have at least 5 photos of the side of her head as I tried to get photos at 5 different events and when she saw I wasn't the PRESS she turned her head. MERYL STREEP was not too friendly either, so she was perfect for the part.ANNE HATHAWAY, sweetheart. I have seen her a couple times.ADRIEN GRENIER, great guy, no ego.A few GUESTS AT THE PREMIERE JOHN STOSSEL, I swear he said I was the first person to ever ask for his photo. LARA SPENCER, cuttie, told me Meryl would be out in just a second. SARAH JESSICA PARKER, I think this is the only time I have ever caught her smiling. I was gonna crop this photo and focus on her, but I wanted to show you how accesible it is to photograph the celebs once you know where they will be. To the right is the general public thinking it was their lucky day to see a celebrity. I also saw Carol Alt, Stanley Tucci, Paul Reubens, Rosie Perez pretending to talk on the phone so no one would bother her and Maggie Gellenhall


Anonymous phillytim said...

PRADA was a really good movie - T2 & I went to see it this past weekend and really enjoyed it! I think he took to Merly Streep's role a bit too much for It was something I wouldn't have gone to see myself, but I'm all the better for going and experiencing a very good movie! All the actors were a perfect fit for their parts!

7/11/2006 1:44 PM  
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