Sunday, April 30, 2006

I haven't done a wonder in a bit; this weekend was wonderful!!

I saw about 3 accidents in a matter of 10 minutes, because there were so many boats on the Pond. A mom and Son at the Model Boat Pond Belevedere Castle Mike enjoying Central Park overlooking Turtle Pond at Belevedere Castle

TRIBECA/VANITY FAIR Opening Party at the NY Superior Court in NYC - Pt1

The papparazzi's and press "have the best seats" in the house at the bottom of the stairs. Fans are relegated to the street corner near that building in the background. We have to really work for our photos. Our hosts, Robert DeNiro and his wife Grace Hightower Special Icon Guests, Iman and David Bowie Doesn't she look great after just giving birth 6 weeks ago (ok not the outfit though)? Christy Turlington and hunky hubby Ed Norton What the hell is Kelly Lynch wearing?

TRIBECA/VANITY FAIR Opening Party at the NY Superior Court in NYC

Barbara Walters and Cindy Adams navigate the stairs. Shortly after this the goons I mean security guards kicked me out from the front of the building What's My Line Kitty Carlise Hart? The great society writer Dominick Dunne & designer Carolina Herrera

Camelot's heir Caroline Kennedy out on the town, again.

Shortly after I took this photo, Damon Dash and Harvey Weinstein took part in a very animated Gangsta handshake good-bye which ended in a chest thump. I went to shoot it and Weinstein said "Hey that's enough photos!"

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Idina Menzel (Rent, Aida, Wicked, In the Dust)

A legion of fans and autograzzi's wait for Idina to get off the bus. The bus was parked about 100 feet from the Red Carpet so she would have to wade through them to get to the Paparazzi's and the Red Carpet.

Taye (her husband she met while doing Rent 10 years ago) helps her navigate the path these days He let's her go on the Carpet firstShe poses, then they posed together and then... after signing for fans she jumps in a cab with Taye and leaves. She didn't go into the party.

Rent 10th Anniversary Party

Diane and Simon join me to Celebrity Sight See...

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My Favorite Environmentally Conscious New Yorker's Night Out

Last night I caught Matthew and SJP leaving the RENT 10th Anniversary show. Looks like my favorite New Yorker's are serious about the environment and saving gas - they came and left in a baby blue "OZONE" Toyota Prius hybrid-electric car. Plus looks like one of them likes to listen to Sirius satelitte radio as a brochure regarding the service was tucked in the backseat pocket, maybe they're a listener to that other great New Yorker - Howard Stern.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Guess who I literally ran into the other night

I was looking for my seat at the play "Awake and Sing" starring Ben Gazzarra, Mark Ruffalo and Zoe Wanamaker (Awesome play, GO SEE IT). As I was looking for my aisle I ran smack dab into another confused soul looking for his aisle, Jake Gyllenhaal. He was with his sister Maggie and their parents. I said excuse me, as he did too, and then screamed YOU, YOU, You are my screen saver on my home computer. OK I didn't, but he is and I wanted too tell him, but thought I'd better not!! (he's standing in the middle with white shirt talking to Uma Thurman) Later I caught him outside. "Thanks for doing Brokeback Mountain, "I saw it 3 times and I know someone who saw it 7 times." "Could I have a photo with you?" He declined, but I did shoot a friend with him who was much more calm than I was - LOL Mark Ruffalo from my favorite movie "13 going on 30". Here he is talking to Jake (I can't Quit him) and Jake's mom about where they are going to eat.Here's Maggie and her Father going home. After the mayhem of fans, they just walked down the street like normal folk.Kathy Bates. She was one my "To Get List". She was very nice and looks super great.Ben Gazzarra, another person on the "Get List" as he was the first celeb I ever saw in my life way back in 1990 when I worked at Bookbinder's in Philly and he came in to eat.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

What 50 Years old looks like today...

What The F**K, where's the security, I don't want to sign Autographs

shouted Billy Crystal as 2 measley seekers walked towards him as he walked towards the Stage Door of the Regis & Kelly show.

A Legend Has left the Middle of the Road

Chrissie Hyde and the Pretender's hinted on Good Morning America that they world may be seeing them play the last of their concerts this year as they are on the verge of retiring.

Still Haven't Gotten my Prized Julia Roberts Photo

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