Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Mariah Carrey hot tamale in the morning

Sure I have seen Mariah before, and I try not to shoot the same celebrity too many times as I swear I want to keep my stalking under some constraints, but it's Mariah and everytime she shows up anywhere it's like a new DivaStar. So today was no difference after I dragged myself down to the Today Show Plaza hoping to catch a mini Mariah concert. Much to my surprise, and I am sure to some of her other stalkers Mimi was just there to promote her upcoming concert tour. Bummer. Oh well I was excited to capture her soul a few minutes after she left the plaza and headed towards her black Mercedes Limo. Mariah is nothing but grateful for her fans. As I stood near the stage door I recognized many of Mimi's fans. Suprisingly calm as the diva exited and posed for the photographers. Just then one fan broke the ranks and ran until Ms. Carey, handing the camera to her security guard. After a snap of the picture, MC jumped in the car and ended up just signing for a few male fans, including one guy with a pink guitar, who no doubtably immediately put on Ebay for the highest bidder. The body guard tells us one picture. Mariah gave us at least 3 different poses. The fan approaches, the security guard is alert Mimi is kind enough to pose, but the girl has ruined it for everyone else as Mimi is rushed into her car. Her fans confused, waiting to see what Mimi will do next.She beckons over the kid(dealer) with the pink guitar and then she was off.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Another day without Tony Danza Live....

Tony Danza lives across the street from the ABC Studios at 68th Street where he taped his show. Several months ago I read on that a reader who waits at the bus stop nearby saw Tony Danza do an interesting habitual routine every morning when he left his apartment to go to work. Over the past few months, or whenever I could drag my butt out of bed I would try and catch Mr. Danza doing this challenging activity precisely between 8:03AM and 8:06AM as the tip informed. He never failed me as I was able to observe him doing this "normally done in private event" at least 3 times, but missed a few times as I was a tad late and he was already crossing the street towards work. It took awhile to get a decent photo because of the awe inspiring repetition, the fear of him punching me out or the shock that he had the gonads to do such a egotiscally event on a crowded morning sidewalk, but eventually I got a few shots that told the story. The first time I went to see him do his regenment, I missed the actual event because of the cars and trucks that blocked my view. The Gawker Reader also mentioned that as part of his routine he talked to this women before he crossed the street; if her bus hadn't come yet.

The next time I went I thought it would be better to witnessed it from the same side of the street that he was on. Some guys wear the same socks on game day, Tony Danza does pull ups before work. That's right, he hangs there for a minute, then does three, not four, three pull ups. After he was done he crossed the street to go to work.

I always found it funny that as I walked by the waiting crowd a 1/2 a block away there would be 100 exciting Danza fans waiting in line to get into the show and see TONEEEEEE DANZAAAAA. I often wanted to tell them as I walked by on my way to work or to even tell you who read my blog, about the Tony Danza Show goings on at 8:06AM at 66th & Columbus, but I know what a crowd that would draw and didn't want to compete for that perfect Danza shot with my camera.

Once about a month ago, I did tell my friend Simon and Jason about it, they went to see the show. He did it, and then they asked for a photo. He declined. Thankfully a month before Simon and Jason went to see the Tony Danza Show on 66th and Columbus, I had asked for a photo and he complied. He wasn't happy about it, but he did it. He must have realized I had just seen the Tony Danza Show live and uncensored on Columbus Ave, and wondered if I had read about it on, as he stared off into space and pondered these questions.

So long Tony and thanks for the memories....

The Dixie Chicks in concert at Bryant Park

The crowd was very supportive, cheering, clapping and yelling Anti-Bush quips. It's NYC after all. I hope Middle America heard us.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

My Other Obsession is the Empire State Building

One early morning this week from one of my bosses windows at work... Mardi Gras from a friend's place in Murray Hill Street level 26th and 5 th Avev- Chanukah National Holidays - the view from my Apt in Chelsea (The Chrysler building is the tiny pointed white lit bldg to the right of ESB) View from another bosses window (I spend a lot of time at work when not stalking celebs) Sunrise one day before leaving for work - Chelsea View from the ESB building - September 2005View from GE Bldg - Holiday Lights - December 2005 View from Christopher Street Pier - May 2005

Thursday, May 25, 2006

It's not that I haven't seen any Celebrities, it's just that I am working like crazy and don't have time to post the photos

Next week I will post the Celebrity that was No 1 on my list to see in NYC, and it only took 10 months. I will also post the No. 2 person on my list, and it only took 9 months as I saw her on May 2. Oh heck I might just post the entire Top 10 List. Happy Memorial Day - It's Fleet week here in NYC.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Stunt Casting isn't always effective

A few weeks back the girls at work and I went to see Festen. OHMIGOD it was a shocking story of family secrets and incest. Shortly after the critics panned the play, the play announced the closure. I made it back in time to obtain these photos. Juliana Margolis I did have a lovely conversation with Ali McGraw. In this photo she is speaking with a women who flew in to see one of her last shows, but was begining labor. Ali offered her her phone number in case of an emergency. I then went across the street to this show. This show also got panned and closed yesterday. (Next door 3 Days of Rain plays on even though it too was panned, but stunt casting with Julia Roberts was enough to sell out the play) Another big star to attract the young girls... It wasn't Tim Daly who is exiting the stage door (note the sign above which gives us fans a clue of where the stars exit)....Tim Daly from Wings and Tyne Daly's little brother (I wonder if they have a brother named Tom and a sister Tina) It was David Schwimmer waving good-bye to Broadway.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Maxim Hot 100 Party was last night, but look who didn't make the list

The Red Carpet was empty, the photographers were bored and look who was blocked from entering the Maxim Hot 100 Party at Buddha Constantine from American Idol 4; He's been on every red carpet all over town, but thankfully someone stopped him as he was entering his 16th minute of fame.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Another night of TV Stars

Right before this picture was taken Matthew Davis was taking pictures of the crowd cooing over his costar Sarah Lancaster. Looks like they are a hot item now.

Mischa Barton standing outside her hotel. Was she killed off her series last night? At the ABC Upfront party at TAO's

Chandra Wilson Miranda Bailey Sweet as can be. Posed and signed for fans.

Jorge Garcia great guy from Lost, cute girlfriend. Looks like he lost some weight on that island. Malcom in the Middle hmm mom ? I don't really watch TV as I am always catching up on my soaps at night. Home Improvement people

Michael Moloney Designer

Paige Hemmis Designer

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart. He was so nice, holding her hand and opening the car door for her. Eva Longoria and Jessica Simpson Stylist Ken Pave

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Boston Legal DVD Party - Tonight's the Finale I know Mike will be watching it!

The Press List that I am never on.... The Press who always get a better shot that I do (notice the sidewalk must remain open, even if it's in the middle of the street) WILLIAM SHATNER, JAMES SPADER & CANDICE BERGEN The Red Carpet James Spader David Kelly MARK VALLEY JULIE BOWEN
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