Sunday, July 30, 2006

Little Miss Sunshine Premiere

Directors - Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris and family. (Oh and some paparrazzi's head) Toni Collette and Abigail Breslin and their publicists. Can you guess who belongs to who? Greg Kinnear joins the girls. Toni Collette, over the shoulder, over the shoulder the paparrazzi's yell Joan Allen was not in the film but was a guest at the premiere. She looks HOTT and I see how she keeps looking so young. That guy has to be 10 years her junior. I saw the movie last Thursday and it was great. So funny. If you liked Napoleon Dynamite, you are gonna love this little gem.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Letterman, Insanity and Johnny Depp on a sunny Thursday afternoon

When I began celebrity "stalking" last year many people told me there were two celebrities to meet as they love their fans and would sign for all of them. One of them was Tom Cruise who I met in May and was very appreciative of his fans, and sure enough signed for everyone. The other was Johnny Depp. I arranged to leave work early as I heard it was going to be crowded. I was shocked when I turned the corner of 53rd Street at 4pm and saw this crowd.Johnny Depp arrives around 4:15PM; he poses for the photographers and then runs into Letterman for the 4:30PM taping.The crowds became so enormous that the police closed the street and set up barricades in this formation. This could only mean one thing I thought, Johnny would attempt to sign for everyone. At about 5PM a women faints from the heat and the crush of people.An ambulance comes, and blocks the view of the crowd. They began to scream and riot. The ambulance later moved a hundred feet up the street, and the poor women was helped to the ambulance and it waited in case anyone else passed out. 5:15PMThe crowd eagerly awaits for Johnny to come out - 5:25PM (fan's and many dealers or as I like to refer to them - autograzzi's as calls them; if you have been reading my blog for awhile you know how I feel about them. They are very aggressive and will crush the living life out of you to get their photo, poster etc signed, I know my back is killing me)Johnny in the middle of signing for the crowd. He has now reached the area where I would guess at least 40% of the mother f***king, blood sucking, evil bastard autograzzi's were (at least 30% of the scumbags were behind me, complaining that they were just there trying to make a living, as I warned them that I didn't want any of their products blocking my photos) Later I heard that the police and Mr. Depp's handlers would take some of the autograzzi's photos and ripped them up if they hit Johnny in the head. Those damn AUTOGRAZZI's, you can see the top of Johnny's head as he inches closer to my realm of reality. At this point a policeman yells at the guy to my left to move backwards because he was pushing me into the women that was standing in front of me who in turn was being pushed up against the police gate. He then pushed the autograzzi backwards and tells him that he is banned from Letterman for now on. Along the way Johnny got hot and he took off his coat. I don't know if you can tell from this photo, but his t-shirt has moth holes in it. Do you think it is a designer brand and he bought it that way? Johnny Depp sweats right in front of me. I know my friend Margaret Cooley would have loved to have been right where I am standing, but I don't know if she would have shown as much restraint as I did - LOL Thanks to my friend Simon who remained in the Professional Photographers pit, as Johnny went in to the show, and captured this photo. I think his clothing was inspired by his pirate movie, don't you? According to Autograph Collector Magazine, Johnny Depp has the write stuff when it comes to signing autographs while Cameron Diaz is the worst. Depp, followed by George Clooney, then Tom Cruise topped the magazine's 14th annual survey of Hollywood's best and worst signers.

Miami Vice at David Letterman

I hear that "Miami Vice," although stunning to look at, is ultimately a joyless viewing experience. Who doesn't want to look at Colin Farell or Jamie Foxx for a few hours. Colin Farell at Monday's show Jamie Foxx arriving for the taping of Friday's show

The rumors may be true about Wilmer Valderrama and Scarlett Johansson.

The rumors may be true about Wilmer Valderrama and Scarlett Johansson. The rumors may be true as Wilmer Valderrama, of all people attended, the Scoop premiere at MOMA last night, the movie that stars Scarlett Johansson. Just this past week the scribes wrote about the two of them partying in the Hamptons last Saturday night, and Scarlett's main squeeze Josh Hartnett not being all that happy about it, and then on Monday night it was reported that the two were doing shots of Tequila at Butter until 4am again with no Josh in sight. Although they arrived at the premiere in separate cars, it was within minutes of each other. Then at the end of the premiere and after all the guests left the theater, Scarlett exited followed closely behind by Valderrama. I thought it was funny when I asked Scarlett Johansson at Good Morning America if Josh attending the premiere and she said we will see! (I guess not) Here's Scarlett as I saw her this morning leaving Good Morning America. I asked her if Josh was going to the premiere tonight, and she said I would have to wait and see. Guess not. Doesn't she know Wilmer is a player. Maybe she wants to raise her status in the slut world like Lindsey Hohan. Is it just a matter of time that the bloggers call her Hohannsen? The first picture is Wilmer arriving at the same time as Martha Plimpton.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tonight Hillary had a fundraiser and invited the one person who could have really helped Al Gore win in 2000

I got a tip that Hilary was having a fund raiser at Capitale which is a resturaunt on the edge of Chinatown in the Bowery. It's always a given that events like this won't be crowded with dealers or paparazzi because most of them are too lazy to go "Downtown" for a celebrity event unless it's a given that they would be getting a few of them at once. Plus this event only cost $100 a ticket, so the heavy hitters were not going to be there, or so they thought as I did see famed celeb chef Mario Batali. When my friend Simon and I first arrived we stationed ourselves by the front door where there were a few limos. After two kids who barely shaved got into the longest limo, and then a few bums sauntered by asking for money, I realized that there was a good chance Bill and Hill would not be exiting through the front door. I looked for another exit and walked around the building; of course there's a back door, always remember there's always a back door, I mean really do you really want to see your celebs going out the same door as the shlubs who just paid 100 bucks to take a picture with you, the guest of honor. I remember once after getting Liza Minnelli's photograph (at the back door of the Pierre Hotel), we both ended up walking towards the corner of 5th ave, she was looking for someone to give her a light for her cigarette, and I was floating towards home. It was an odd feeling for me as I had just poured my heart out to her showering her with adjectives like "you are the best thing since sliced bread", "you are beautiful", "I have seen you in concert 6 times", I have all your CD's (ok I probably said albums), etc., After a few moments of oddness while we walked side by side, I hung back a few steps and allowed her and her date (Prince Michael of Spain) to persue the search without my company. Ok back to Bill. Simon and I waited in anticipation across the street from the back door, across from where the black SUV's carrying a few Secret Service Agents were waiting for Bill & Hill to exit the fundraiser. I made sure the Secret Service knew I was there for just a photograph, and not something insidious, so I did a few test shots of the trash and the fine ambiance of Elizabeth Street.The time arrived and Bill, sans Hillary, exited through the back door of the Capitale. I wish I had crossed the street a litte sooner, but those Secret Service guys were a tad intimidating and resulting in my photo being a bit disapointing. Lucky for me The former President was in the mood for a walk, motioning his SUV to follow him as he walked down Elizabeth Street. After awhile I got up the courage to cross the street and kinda in a weak voice asked him for a photo. He kinda waved, and then his SS agent told me to back off. Like the good Catholic School Boy I complied.I watched as Bill faded into the background as he continued his walk down Elizabeth Street with his Secret Service guys and black SUV trailing him. Here Bill is about a block away from me, at which point I remembered, "damn I am a recovering Catholic I don't care what that guy said, I want a photo of the greatest president this country has ever had." As I walked/ran to catch up with Bill, he traveled into a section of the Bowery/LES where there is a smattering of bars and resturaunts. As Mr. Clinton passed a few places you could hear the crowd shriek with joy and disbelief. Others came out of the bars and resturaunts to catch the back of his head as he continued his trek up Elizabeth Street (Although the fashionable crowd at Public barely looked up from their New Zealand snapper and prawns.) Eventually I caught up to the President at Houston St. and as luck would have it he had to stop for a red light. I wanted to ask him so many things, but somehow I heard myself saying is there a chance there would be a Clinton in the White House in 2008, finally spitting out, "Would you run again?" He said with a dismissive tone that he wouldn't run again. Then his Secret Service guy, the one who's Blackberry is in the foreground told us "boys" to run along. The light seemed to take forever, and at which point Bill and his posse jumped in the trailing SUV and made a left on Houston towards Broadway.

Friday, July 21, 2006

The Uma Thurman Appreciation Page

When I moved to NYC last August I lived near Union Square. One morning while walking to work through the farmers market I happen to see the tall slender exiotically hot Uma Thurman walking with her boyfriend drinking a cup of coffee. Since I wanted to fit in to my new environ I did what I heard most New Yorker's would do and ignored the Pulp Fiction star purposely trying to forget the fact that I had a camera in my pocket that was itching to come out while screaming like mad inside my head because the beautiful, tall, slender Poison Ivy was in my relm of reality. Of course ever since that day I yearned for another opportunity to run into Kill Bill at a celebrity event to obtain her photo. This past week she has been doing a lot of PR on the talk show circuit for her new movie Super Ex-Boyfriend. I caught up with her at a few places. Sure I followed her around yesterday, but last week was her premiere at Chelsea West and I chose to skip it as it rained. What a mistake Quinten Tarintino was there. I can't wait til he comes to town to promote something. Wednesday night at David Letterman. This was her 2nd time on the show since the Uma/Oprah "feud" ended earlier this year. I think Uma looks fabulous in her dressy evening outfit. I watched the show and she was a real trooper participating in one of Dave's silly tricks which on this night was catching a hard boil egg in her mouth. She's very talented with her mouth as almost caught it on the first try. The crowds were enormous as you can see, the professional dealers overwhelmed her with the items they wanted signed. She did her best, but quickly jumped in her black SUV to leave before having a chance to sign for her real fans...Thursday morning Good Morning America. Hmm I hate to say it, but not looking so great at 8AMThanks Ulla for that great pose, damn that MF'er in behind me who also wanted this photo and surged forward causing the pix to be a little out of focus. After this the Be Cool star went to Regis & Kelly, then in the afternoon to TRL but as luck would have it I had to work. Emma Peel leaving the taping of the Conan O'Brien Show. Poor Mia Wallace must have been exhausted, she couldn't even lift her head for a photo, but she was nice enough to sign for the blood sucking aggressive dealers who were there. Although I didn't get one of those superstar poses I would have like, I am throughly satisfied with the photos I took and my day spent with Dr. Rachel Porter from the movie Paycheck and it was a marked improvement over not getting the photo of her at Union Square last August and the photo I took of Ulla in December at the premiere of the movie The Producers.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Victoria Secrets Pajama Party with Ashley Simpson

I had an invite to this party but decided to just hang near the VIP entrance to try and get a photo of Luke & Owne Wilson, Jessica Simpson, Jesse Metcalf and the entertainment for the night Ashley Simpson. Only Ashley and Jesse showed up, along with 1000 patrons, 500 of them left when Ashley started singing including Jesse Metcalf who only spent about 10 minutes at the party. I think he just wanted to walk the Red, er I mean Pink Carpet to either promote his movie or fight off those gay rumors that have dogging him for months. Jesse Metcalf from Desparate Housewives Daniel Sunjata from Rescue Me, Law & Order 2001 - 2004, The Devil Wears Prada and won a Tony for Take Me out in 2003. Super nice to the fans. That little white dot under V is ashley simpson with her new nose she won't talk about.Fireworks after the show. Leven Rambin - Lily from my fav soap - All My children. This girl is one of those girls that will go to the opening of an envelope. I have seen on the Red Carpet at every event I have gone to since January. She seems sweet, but I haven't recognize her soon enough to get her photo or chat her up.

Ashley (& Sports Illustrated model May Andersen) leaves without even a wave to her fans. Shortly after this picture the window went up and Ashley and her new nose returned to the Ritz Hotel to rest for her concerts this weekend. She was probably disappointed that her sister Jessica didn't show up, especially since we know Jess is in town promoting her new CD. I do believe that Ashley could become the new Star Jones if she doesn't fess up about that nose job. Sure she is much hotter now, but it's not like she could rest on any talent laurels besides being a hotty. When she began to sing, there was actually a breeze caused by the stream of guests leaving the venue. I even overheard one guest complain that she thought her ears were bleeding after listening to Ashley sing.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler would have been on Hughie's wonders, but how many times can I get her photo. She shows up to more events than Levan and has already been on these pages more than almost anyone else. I think I will impose a ban on her unless she shows up with a new nose or something.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Ritchie Cunningham's Kid is all grown-up!!

Bryce Dallas Howard star of The Village and Lady in the Lake. Plus I hear she is in Spiderman 2. I see little Ronnie Howard's daughter has grown up to be a beautiful girl with very think red hair I am sure her father would love. She was very nice, signed for a lot of folks, but didn't pose much for the paparrazi. Later I saw here on Letterman and she was funny and down to earth and really charming.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Temporary problems on 1, 2 & 3 trains they said in the news, but on the stranded train they didn't tell us much.

Temporary problems on 1, 2 & 3 trains (New York - AP, July 18, 2006 12:00PM) - It's not clear if this is weather related. But New York City Transit says power service was knocked out for more than an hour on the 1, 2 and 3 Lines in Manhattan. Transit spokesman Charles Seaton says service went down around 9:10 a.m and was restored at 10:35 a.m. During the outage people were advised to use the lettered trains. It's not immediately clear what happened. (Copyright 2006 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.) I take the 1 line and was stuck between stations on the #1 train. It was a little nerve racking as no one told us anything for the first 20 mins, but thank god I was on a car that had A/C (eventually my rapid breathing, and silent screams calmed down and I was happy I had brought a newspaper and a magazine to read on the train). Then they kept promising us that we would be moving, at one point we moved 10 feet and stopped for another 20 minutes. Finally after 70minutes it was able to roll only the first car into the station, we all had to walk forward and exit in the front door. (so basically it took 70mins for me to go from 23 street to 28th street).

Then I walked the final 15 blocks to work in the 90F temps. It could have been worse, when I got off the train I saw the express #2 train stranded in the station as 28th street is not an express stop. Normally if you walked between cars you would get a $50 fine.

Slow Celebrity Week in NYC - Rihanna, Vera Wang, P. Diddy, Sandra Oh

I had some photos left over from the CFDA Party a few weeks back. Here is Vera Wang in a lovely Halston, only kidding I am sure it's one of hers, signing for some kids who probably have no idea who she is. Sandra Oh from Grey's Anatomy. The girl is thin. Trouble is brewing for hip hop's hottest couple - Jay Z and Beyonce. And that trouble is being caused by one of Jay Z's newest artists, Rihanna.Rumors are beginning to circulate that Rihanna is becoming uncomfortably close to her mentor Jay Z. And that closeness reportedly bothers Jay Z's longtime girlfriend Beyonce. As one entertainment insider tells us, "Rihanna is desperately trying to steal Beyonce's look, her style, and even her sound ... I wouldn't be surprised if now she's trying to steal Beyonce's man." P. Diddy this guy is every where. Always looks great, travels with a huge posse and is nice to the fans.
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