Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cindy Adams: A Fashion Goddess in the Making

The other night when I attended the Idlewild premiere I saw everyone's favorite gossip columnist, the NY Post's Cindy Adams. She was truly making a fashion statement, not sure what she was going for, but it was loud. Check her out. I know exactly how the girl with the sunglasses feels; I too was like what's up with that thing on your head Cindy? I couldn't figure out if it was extensions gone bad, did she leave her head under the dryer too long, was she shocked by stepping on a wet Con-Ed street cover, did a birds nest drop from a tree and land squarely on her head, was it a half plucked bird ... what the heck was on her head?She sure is as proud as a peacock with herself, the cat's meow I would say.I believe someone just asked her if she was harboring a few baby chicks in the nest; check out her "What you talking about Willis?" look!Here's Cindy in all her fashion glory head to toe Diana Ross hand me down zebra dress topped off by - what the heck is on her head? Ought oh, it looks like one of the chicks from the nest had a small accident and she is wiping it away. Anyone have a tissue? Thankfully Liza came along and I had something else to obsess about :)
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