Thursday, August 24, 2006

INVINCIBLE - A True Story about Philadelphia Eagles Vince Papale

In 1976, Vince Papale (Mark Wahlberg), a 30-year-old Philly bartender, shows up for an open call for the Philadelphia Eagles by their new coach Dick Vermeil(Greg Kinnear), and though he never even played football in college, Vince was able to get on the team and live the dream of every football fan. The movie is great. I did see Vince Papale go in, but didn't get a good shot of him. This is what the "Red Carpet" or really "The Press Line" is all about. Behind the press is a thin area going the length of the Press Line where the early bird fans can stand and take great photos of the stars as they are shot by the press and interviewed by Access Hollywood etc. I am often late arriving from work, but usually manage to sneak into the line. Today I wasn't so lucky and had to shoot from across the street. Later I waited until the movie was over and stood by the exit of the theater. The security detailed is halved by this time and it is easy to shoot the stars or even get an autograph. Howard Stern's girlfriend model Beth OstroskyMarky Mark himself Mark Wahlberg Too close for comfort to get a decent shot... Wahlberg is excellent in the movie and very believable. A football player, anyone know who it is? Another football player, anyone know who it is? Dick Vermil former coach of the Eagles who is portrayed by Greg Kinear in the movie. I think he was excited I knew who he was as I yelled out his name.


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