Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bette Midler's Hullaween

Before I moved to NYC I read the NY Post everyday, and every year around Halloween I would read about the Bette Midler charity Halloween Party held at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. This year I had a chance to go and see the party goers in person. This is not Bette! Damon Dash and his lovely wife model Rachel Roy These photos are out of order, anyway, a friendly NYC cab driver waiting at a traffic light as the hordes of parade goers cross the street. I didn't stay at the parade long, because like everything else in NYC, it was entirely toooooo crowded. I did catch Homer and Marge walking along 5th Ave. Go to the next entry to see more of Bette's Party Goers. Martha Stewart is a hoot. Posted by Picasa

Bette Midler's Hullaween cont'd

Pictured below is Dana Delaney remember when she was the hot number from China Beach. A few weeks back I ran into her at the Departed after party, I asked to take her picture and she was like I am so not as exciting as Jack Nicholson or Matt Damon so save your film. I said I do digital and then she gave me a nice smile. Martha Stewart - Dressed as a rat, er mouse. Actually I had always heard she was tough to get. She was really sweet and started swinging her tail for me. Shalom Harlow - How to Loose a guy in 10 Days, Vanilla Sky, In & Out. I had no idea who she was, I liked her costume and asked for a photo, she obliged. Later I saw her picture on the photo wire and had an AH ha moment. Another one I didn't realize who this was especially since she seems to be going as herself in a hot little dress. Margaret Cho and a girl dressed as a guy. Posted by Picasa

Ladies Night JLO Sandra Bullock and others

WOW what a night. I started out (with a co-worker) at the HBO Screening Room looking for arrivals to Sasha Cohen's new movie. I didn't see him go in, but I did see Candice Bergen, Edie Falco, and the little kid from the Sopranos. I then sped over to Cipriani's where the Fashion Accesories Awards Gala was going on. The big award for the night was going to JLO. I ran into a friend and chatted as we hung out. Another friend called to tell me that he saw Gwyneth Paltrow go into the Mandarin. I thought maybe it was because of the after part for the Sasha screening. He left. Later I spoke with a crazy "photo with fan" who wanted to know if I knew when JLo was coming out, I told him an outrageous time and suggested he go to the Mandarin to catch Gywneth. Since he always wants photos with the celebs it can sometimes ruin a photo, so that is why I told him about Gywneth. He was excited, and even more excited that maybe he would get Sascha after the screening. Here is Naomi Watts going into the Cipriani event. Jane Krakowski was someone that was definitely on my list of "gets". Finally I got a great shot without cutting off feet. I hear Jlo and Mark were going out the back door, I run back there and the biatch doesn't look the heck up. (total wait time 3hrs) Last night I mentioned the Glamour Awards. It was impossible for a non-credentialed bloke like myself to get a shot as the security was tight and they even closed off the sidewalks. Someone was nice enough to tell me where the After Party was and I high tailed it over to Nobu (remember a few weeks back that is where I got the Helen Mirren on the Segway photo) WOW Billie Jean King what a friggin honor. I told her I had seen her documentary recently and how awesome it was. Actually I saw it twice, it was really good. Rent it. I also congratulated her on the new stadium named after her in Flushings. The night just gets better - Gloria Steinen. Can the gods be any better to me. I thanked her for the entire feminist movement, and here work with civil and gay rights. ICON ICON ICON it could only get better if I saw Phil Donahue (am I showing my age - LOL) Sheryl Crow is looking hot...What the hell was Lance thinking when he dumped her? Lisa Ling; I think she is moving away from the Lucy Liu look with her permed look. OMG Angelica Huston, not even on the radar for me. So awesome to see her and her new face and the husband she has been married to Robert Graham Jr. since 1992. The poor man's Elizabeth Taylor was Joan Collins, the poor man's Julia Robert seems to be Sandra Bullock. Although Sandra was camera shy, this amatuer got a decent shot. Finally my friend at the Manderin calls to tell me that MADONNA AND GYWNETH walked out of the MANDERIN together. But to tell you the truth, if I was able to get the shot of Madonna then I would have to change the working title of my book from "Searching for Madonna" to something else.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hugh Jackman and Kate Winslet arrive like Crap to their Premiere

When I read the following line from a Press Release I rec'd from a friend, I couldn't pass up seeing this with my own two eyes – "Celebrities including stars Hugh Jackman and Kate Winslet – and guests will slide down a 30-foot inflatable toilet slide onto the red carpet to celebrate the premiere of the computer-animated “Flushed Away!” Victory Flush The carpet was actually blue as to reflect Tidy Bowl toilet water I guess...see the next entry for their interview photos

Hugh Jackman and Kate Winslet walk the Blue Carpet (plus other celebs)

Interviews on the Blue Carpet Kate Winslet Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman and Kate Winslet Shane Richie and Bill NighyJeffrey Katzenberg (Dreamworks), Cecil Kramer (producer) and Peter Lord, (animator)WOW this week is going to be busy, with Blogger's cooperation I will be making a post every night. Monday night there's the Glamour Mag Awards, plus J-Lo is in town, and the Borat private screening. Bummer they all start at 7PM. Tues brings Madonna and Nicole Kidman to town, then the famous NYC Halloween Parade down 6th ave, and finally Bette Midlers' Hulaween ball at the Waldorf with lots of celebrity guests and the temps are going to be in the 50Fs. Wed George Clooney, thurs big broadway show opening. Friday my patient partner comes to visit and he is so not into celebrities!! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Bob Dylan - The Times are a Changing

I must confess that one of the best places to catch a celebrity is on Opening Night of a Broadway play. Last week there were two such openings, Nathan Lane's Butley, which was such a non-event I won't even be posting Mario Cantone's photo at this time. Thursday evening was the opening of a play based on Bob Dylan songs called "The Times are a Changing." I have heard the show isn't so hot, I guess Bob Dylan did too, he didn't even show up to the premiere, but a few fun people did.

Shannon Devine - Mrs America WOW Tommy Tune is going for a new look. Good for him! Celia Weston (Alice TV Series and Law and Order, but really anyone that lives in NYC has been on one of the franchise shows) and Sylvia Miles (A hooker in Midnight Cowboy, Andy Warhol's movie "Heat" , famous for dumping a plate of speghetti on a NY Post critic after he gave her a bad review) Bebe Neuwirth - Chicago, Fosse, Chorus Line and of course Fraizer.Kathleen Turner is nothing if not versatile. From the sensuous killer, Mattie, in Body Heat, to the sultry voice of Jessica Rabbit and, most recently, as Chandler's cross-dressing dad in Friends, Turner has demonstrated extraordinary range. In real life, she also has had to reach deep down — to meet the challenge of rheumatoid arthritis. You can see her cane in her left hand. Recently I was walking around the West Village and walked past Kathleen Turner's house. WOW it was beautiful, I must say it was the nicest front yard in all of New York City that I have ever seen. (I won't be confessing how I found out where she lives; one thing that sets me apart from a crazy stalker fan is I would never take a photo of a celebrity in their neighborhood, with their kids or at an inappropriate time)

Friday, October 27, 2006

I knew he was crazy - Jared Leto

In today's NY Post - Something had Jared Leto riled at the mtvU Woodie Awards Wednesday night. BestWeekEver.tv talked to witnesses who say the mascara-wearing rocker scuffled with Elijah Wood, grabbing the ex-hobbit's neck and calling him a "f-ing a--" before snapping at music blogger Scott Stereogum, whose video interview with Leto was destroyed by security. A rep for Leto did not respond by deadline. ...

Thursday is the New Monday

Several events tonight, first off the opening of "The Times Are A Changing", a Bob Dylan tribute. I have heard that it sucks, and I guess Bob did too as he skipped it. I did see a few broadway celebs, and will post them at a later time but the one guy I was excited to see was Noah Emmerich - Born and raised in New York City, he attended Yale University, where he sang with the a capella group the Yale Spizzwinks. He was Truman's best friend in the Truman Show. Then I jumped in a cab in Times Square and said to the guy, look I am not a tourist, take 47th Street to 42nd and Lexington, don't go through times square. He ignored me and it took me at least 20mins to get to the next event where I had missed the chance of getting a good spot to watch Emily Rossun, Iman, Gwennie Paltrow and others going into Cipriani's for the FCI Gala. The only picture I got was this one of Gwyneth Paltrow, which is a bit distorted. After a few crappy photos I took a bus over to the Trump Building for the debut of Trumps new Vodka drink. There I saw countless numbers of reality, sports, and other celebs. I have included a few pixs here. The Donald, Melenia and Eric Trump Daisey Fuentes (again another freezing night and the poor girls had to take off their coats to show their dresses)Cuba "Show me the Money" Gooding Jr. I then walked briskly back to Cipriani's to shoot departures. I missed Gywnnie & The Devil Wears Prada Anna Wintour leaving through the back door. This is Olympic Gold Winner - Carl Lewis. Rachel Zoe and Alek Wek Mischa Barton

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Marchesa & Bergdorf Goodman Dinner

Marchesa designers Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig are celebrating their anniversary with an intimate dinner for 60 at BG Wednesday night… Note the heavy coats on the photographers and the skimpy dress on the guest. The temperature in NYC was about 45F Keren Craig; Georgina Chapman I guess she trusts her man enough to leave him home now? (I wonder how cold she is?) I sense that Marchesa designs have a lot of rose bud designs - Sienna Miller This princess has come a long way and is all grown up now, and it's not just because she was in Brokeback Mountain and aged from 18 - 40 yrs old. Anne Hathaway
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