Thursday, November 30, 2006

I may not have gotten Madonna, but I did catch Sean penn

Sneaking into the Gotham Awards bypassing the "Blue Carpet" And then after giving the award to Tim Robbins, quickly exiting 30 minutes later.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

How's this for speed - Cameron Diaz

This morning leaving Good Morning America about 3.5 hrs ago (8:45AM)... Love the new hair color. The Nascar fans waiting for Jeff Gordon had no idea who it was, but they certainly got in my way gawking. ( to purchase) I just need to get two more shots published to get a press pass and be legit on the "Red Carpet"! PEOPLE or US magazines are you out there?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Dr Joy Browne gives good Advice

She's awesome, she's helpful, she's hip, but most importantly she's not Dr Laura or even Dr Laura light. She can help you if you have a question or need guidence in any life situation by giving good common sense advice. Since arriving in NYC in Aug 2005, I have searched the streets, and events painlessly for a glimpse of the good Dr. never reaching my goal of meeting her. Then a few weeks back, Mike and I were on our way to see "Grey Gardens". As we rushed through the streets of Times Square, lo and behold there was our girl rushing in the other direction to attend the theater too I assume. I instinctively yelled out. Dr Joy Browne, and she turned. I ran up and profusely thanked her for making our relationship much easier, especially her tips on "setting fines for leaving cabinets and drawers opened, and dishes in the sink" (After paying diligently for months, I was cured of leaving dishes in the sink, but Mike now owes me millions of dollars). I told her that Mike calls her every once in awhile, he chimed in that he just called her last week about a work situation. She smiled and thanked us, and as she was about to rush to her show, I said "Could we have a picture", at which point I spun her and my life-partner, Mike around and said "the background is nicer this way." Mike and I began listening to her on Internet radio back in 1997. You can hear her live or on podcast now.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Kevin Costner, his wife and his daughter

Does his daughter look like him? What do you think? I think this is our last week for warm and balmy in NYC! I am off to
the CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER" PREMIERE Starring: Chow Yun-Fat, Gong Li, Liu Ye, Chen Jin, Jay Chou Directed by: Zhang Yimou then to Lincoln Center for the tree lighting and then perhaps a Jimmy Carter book signing or a George Clooney screening.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

My Sister's Crista's Baby Shower - Black Friday

My sister and her husband Michael are having a baby in January. They chose not to know the sex of the baby. My mom and 4 other sisters threw her a baby shower. I was the only guy invited. I'm from a large Irish/Italian Family. We have 7 kids, and my Aunt Chris, on the far left, has 7 daughters. My mom is in the center in blue, and 4 of my sisters are in this photo. (Everyone in this picture is over 40, for two girls, can you tell which ones? 40+ doesn't look like your Edith Bunkers 40+ anymore!!) My mom and my niece Ella. My nieces Nicole and Kelsey My sister Crista with 5 of my 9 nieces and nephews.Crista might be mad that I included this personal photo, but it's really special. The matriarch of our family, Grandmom L always knitted baby clothes for each of her 12 granddaughters first born child. As soon as Crista opened the box she realized who the special hand knitted sweater and blanket were from, Grandmom L, who had died in 2003 at the age of 93.I think it's gonna be a girl. In fact I had a dream a few months back that my grandmother L. told me it would be a girl.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Philadelphia'a Thanksgiving day parade with Kelly Ripa, Ace and Paris from American Idol fame

If it wasn't cloudy and damp, this is what the Philadelphia Art Museum would look like on parade day.You can't have a parade without Pink Panther Did you know that next March, Philadelphia will have the only King Tut exhibition on the East Coast since 1975 and only Chicago will be the other American city to host the exhibit.
Ace from American Idol fameBecause of the wind, the big balloons did not walk the entire length of the parade, but were at a holding station about 1/4 mile from the TV cameras and the main presentation stage. I had to leave for my Thanksgiving family get together, but I wish I could have stayed as it looks like the guy on the left in the foreground must be part of the Brokeback Mountain brigade.The parade route winds itself in front of the Art Museum. The condo's I live in are in the background. I love living there even better when the Fourth of July concert occurs in front of the steps. Last year we had Elton John perform. Strike it up, I wanna, I wanna, but of course my favorite song is "It's Raining Men". Martha Wash part of the original group "The Weather Girls" or as I knew them in the early 80's Two Tons of Fun!! Bert I love Bert, he reminds me of my boyfriend, steady as she goes and very grounded - Love you Mike!! Happy Thanksgiving to my aunt Daisy and uncle Donald Duck - Love Baby Huey! Paris Bennett - Another American Idol contestant (Does Disney own Fox or something?)
Clowns and spectators Kelly Ripa, her son Michael and her mom (sorry I have gone paparazzi and am represented for this photo)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Today's NY Post links Ashley Simpson and Taye Diggs

Fit To Be Taye'd IDINA Menzel, you'd better watch your man. Taye Diggs, who married his "Rent" co-star in 2003, was spotted "cheek to cheek" with Ashlee Simpson at G Spa last Wednesday night. They took tequila shots and were intimately whispering and intertwining arms for a half hour. A rep for Simpson says she and Diggs are "just friends." (Ashley last Tuesday night at the 10th Anniversary of Chicago, where Taye was mysteriously missing from the performance)I saw him the next day (Wednesday) at Live with Regis & Kelly. I had him sign my Chicago 10th Anniversary DVD CD Booklet right on the page that featured a photo of him. He wasn't familar with the product at all and asked me if it was a part of the gift bag. I told him I bought it at Virgin Records the week before at a signing with Bebe, James and Joel Grey. He checked it out and then signed his page, thought it was cool and then signed his page. I believe Taye had something else on his mind, maybe a little tango that night, because really if there's a photo that features someone wearing a big white shirt why would anyone sign in the only dark part of the page where the autograph can only be seen if you move the book side to side and to catch it right in the light to read it. (The other page features a 'graph from Rob Marshall the director of the movie Chicago.)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tony Bennett Special Tonight - Special Screening in NYC Last Week

See what I do all day when I finally have a few days off, double postings. Just when I thought I would be taking most of the week off to assimilate some of my stuff back into my Philadelphia crib. OK here goes...Not to continue to bash Kelly Ripa, because honestly I have a love hate relationship like her as any "Celebrity Stalker" would have, but the reason Mark is closer to me is I was screaming for Kelly and Mark to pose for a picture. Kelly blew the kids off from the Tony Bennett founded school, Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in Queens. The kids were invited to see the screening. Most people stopped in front of us to pose, Ms. Kelly went straight to the paparazzi.OK Elvis Costello and Diana Krall skip the kids too, but they have always been grouchy. Rob Marshall didn't forget us, and one point later he grabbed a kids autugraph book, signed it then walked it over to Tony Bennett to have him sign it. (I got him to sign my Chicago 10th Anniversary DVD CD which I was carrying with me) Tony Bennett and the guy rumored to take over NBC in 2007, Jeff Zucker. Bennett has not remarried, but has a long-term relationship with Susan Crow (born 1966), a former New York City educator. Together they founded (and named after Bennett's friend) the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in Queens, a public high school dedicated to teaching the performing arts which opened in 2001.

The Clay Aiken and Kelly Ripa feud and now Rosie O'Donnell on the View calls Ripa a homophobe

OUGHT oh, I just got finished watching THE VIEW. ROSIE has now started a feud with Kelly Ripa. She said that Kelly would never have questioned Clay about where his hand has been it he wasn't gay. Then Kelly called and said she is not a homophobe (and I know she is not as her best friend, a guy, is dating my friend from high school, a guy), she just didn't respect that Clay put his hand across her mouth. I completely agree with Kelly. I wouldn't want someone putting their hand on my mouth. I hate when gay people think everything is homophobic; Rosie don't you think that maybe it was just about smearing the over the top caked on make-up Kelly Ripa wears?
Remember the nice girls I met at the Ellen taping on Saturday. You know, the big Clay Aiken fans, well ironically they ran into him on their way to the lighting of the 5th Ave Unicef Crystal Star lighting ceremony. Clay was the celebrity that was going to throw the switch this year. Clay surprisingly was more than happy to pose with them, which was surprising since every time they have run into him he is usually fan afraid. I think he is looking awfully Michael Jackson pretty in this picture. Now that MJ is out of the country, do you think the baton of weird behavior and pretty make-up is being passed onto Clay. What is up with that Joan Crawford arched eyebrow Clay?
Those gays stick together. Rosie said she feels sorry for Clay, that he's been picked on because he may be gay and basically accused Kell Ripa of being homophobic. I have to say that Rosie has picked the wrong battle. I saw the show, I thought Clay was rude and he must have a huge ego. Everyone knows that Kelly talks too much, but that is the charm of the show, and the irritant. Clay was constantly picking nellie queen fights with her, treating her as if she didn't have a clue about anything. She did have a clue, she was respectful enough not to ask him who he's been sleeping with. Maybe that was her mistake, because had she been a little tougher, maybe he wouldn't have thought to be so rude as to intimidate her by putting his hand over her mouth. See how quickly GAWKER stole my idea within an hour of my posting...of course they did video clips but still no mention of my blog which I tipped them off to has better coverage of the whole event, and they received the info from their reader much earlier than when I sent my info into Gawker as I was watching the show on TIVO at 1PM (I hadn't see it on Perez before about 5 minutes ago at 3:30PM, I've been sleeping for days, that NYC can kill a person - LOL)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ellen Tapes her show in NYC on Saturday

Ellen's in NYC taping shows for Thanksgiving Week. I got there by 1PM hoping to catch the guests go through the Stage Door, which is on 53rd Street. I knew this would be a different show as I glimpsed servers with trays of food and drink doling them out to the Ellen's audience waiting in line to enter the studio. I've been to Dave's show a couple times, all I got was hmm nothing. This girls sign says: Flight: $450, Hotel: $660, 4 Sister-In-Laws seeing Ellen Priceless.
I went around the corner to stand by the stage door and was shocked to see Ellen cordoned off the area within 100 yards of the stage door to make room for her trailers and dressing room. BUMMER, but then I realized what a lucky spot I was in because the servers passed by my way and not only were they cute as can be... (all model/actors waiting for their big break) but they took pity on us and fed us! Here are a bunch of "Dealers" (guys who collect graphs to sell on Ebay or to autograph agencies) and fans getting fed.
As we busied ourselves eating, we missed Emmett Smith exit his limo and run in the stage door. So everyone walked to the opposite end of the street which had a clear view of the stage door. I did catch Emmitt's shoes getting escorted in...I bet you were wondering where Penelope Cruz was on the day her former beau Tom Cruise got married. Not pouting, or playing solitaire, no she was being interviewed for the ELLEN Show....only one professional Photographer (& me) got the shot. It will probably be worth a fortune. I ran into these three girls near the stage door. They really wanted Ellen Tickets. They thought when Ellen comes out of the dressing room she will see their signs and they will get to see the show. but Ellen was too far away, and in a hurry to do a bit stunt in front of the studioWhat you will see on TV is Ellen trying to parallel park a 70's jallopy in a tight spot...She was very happy with her success, sadly the girls with the signs were blocked by the pole and Ellen never saw their them, but eh they saw Clay Aiken at Regis and Kelly on Friday, and if you saw it too you would say "Clay putting his hand on Kelly Ripa's mouth to shut her up = Priceless!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Fall in Central Park 2006

There is no other place better to escape the noise and congestion of New York City (you can tell I'm not native, because I don't call it Manhattan), than Central Park. Sometimes when time allows me, I even take the subway from where I live at 23rd Street, to 72nd Street and walk down through Central Park to my workplace at 40th and Madison. Last Sunday I took the subway to 86th Street and walked up to the Harlem Meer, a place rarely visited by most, but a real hidden gem of beauty. Family Photo The Harlem Meer It's the eve of Thanksgiving Week. I am returning to Philly to see the family, but hope to catch Kelly Ripa, Pat Sajek and a few other celebs in the Philadelphia Boscovs Thanksgiving Day Parade. So it will be a week of the occasional postings when something moves me. Best wishes for a happy safe holiday and thank you so very much for taking time out of your day to read my blog. HughE
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