Saturday, March 31, 2007

Scarlett Johanssen & Laura Linney "The Nanny Diaries"

I was going to surprise everyone and show up at The Nanny Diaries premiere Monday 4/9/07, but then I received the bad news from my paparazzi friends Margarita and Carmen that it's been postponed. There's a good chance I will still be going to NYC for a two day marathon of visiting and celebrities shootings.
We’re going to have to wait for “The Nanny Diaries,” starring Scarlett Johansson and Laura Linney. The movie version of the best-seller book was originally slated for release next month, and the folks at Weinstein Company swear it’s in the can and ready for release. But now it’s being pushed back to September.
“It’s better for awards consideration,” said an insider. “This is a better plan.” The producers are hoping to win a Golden Globe for Best Comedy after premiering the picture at a prestigious film festival. Our sources are betting it bows at the Venice fest at the end of August. I shot LL in December. I was so excited to meet her in person and thank her for being in the "Tales of the City" series by Armisted Maupin. She was so gracious. Tell me she wasn't sweet to pose for me. I wonder if I will notice the difference in their attitudes when I go back and shoot with my professional lense.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

I thought there was something bizarre happening on the eve of the Republican Convention

(Digging into my achieves after recently reading the story below about NYC cops targeting innocent people to investigate before the GOP convention) On the eve of the Republican Convention I was eating at one of my favorite restaurants in NYC, Bubba Gump, watching the world go by by through Times Square as kids and adults alike were posing with Spiderman Recently I read that the NYC Police, in preparations for the GOP convention, had investigation operations, run by the department's "R.N.C. Intelligence Squad," to prepare for people who might cause problems. The police identified a handful of groups and individuals who expressed interest in creating havoc during the convention, as well as some who used Web sites to urge or predict violence. But potential troublemakers were hardly the only ones to end up in the files. In hundreds of reports stamped "N.Y.P.D. Secret," the Intelligence Division chronicled the views and plans of people who had no apparent intention of breaking the law, the records show. I guess Spiderman was on the hit listkids and adults were horrified when Spidey was unmasked and taken away in handcuffs

Wynonna Judd has filed for divorce

Country music singer Wynonna Judd has filed for divorce on Tuesday after her estranged husband, Dan. R. Roach was arrested in Abilene, Texas on allegations of committing sexual battery involving a child under 13. Roach was already listed as a fugitive after fleeing Tennessee when the investigation into the case began at the end of February. According to E Online Wynonna Judd filed her original divorce petition from Dan. R. Roach in Williamson County Chancery Court on February 18, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. Wynonna Judd posted on her personal website, "I am obviously devastated." Referring to the crimes that Roach is alleged to have committed against a child, Wynonna writes, "Our family will pull together, begin the healing process and hopefully-by the grace of God-become stronger. We will move forward with our faith, family and our friends to find resolution to this difficult situation." Reports claim that Roach entered the Shades of Hope treatment center in Buffalo Gap, Texas, on February 21 for drug and alcohol addiction three days after he and Wynonna Judd separated. When Roach was eventually picked up in Texas this week that appeared to be the end of the line for Judd, and she went through with an official divorce Tuesday.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Will Smith speaks helps celebrate the birthday of Philadelphia’s Civic Flag!

Today in Philadelphia it was 82F, people were out and about and it was Philadelphia Flag Day, no really it was the 118th Birthday of the City of Philadelphia's flag. Civic Pride had a birthday party for the occassion with celebrities.I knew it had to be someone exciting as I spotted the "Autograzzi" with his tell-tale Fed-Ex envelope that usually holds photos for "graphs"The ceremony kicked off with Brenda "The Flag Lady" giving a ceremonial flag to the wife of a man fighting in Iraq Councilman Juan Ramos made an appearance Up next was Will Smith OK it's Will Smith Jr (his dad), who after addressing the crowd gets his photo taken with the flag birthday cake I think the big celebrity of the day, was this lady - Brenda Exon the Flag Lady co -founder of Partners for Civic Pride which is a nonprofit group of Philadelphia citizens dedicated to promoting and celebrating the motto on our civic flag, “Philadelphia Maneto” which means “Let Brotherly Love Continue”. Partners for Civic Pride strives to connect the Philadelphia citizenry and raise social capital in and around our city.To get involved, learn more, or order flags for your organization, call 215-870-1663 or email . Doing a google search I found another image...Brenda Exon, the Philly Pride Lady and co-founder of Partners for Civic Pride Inc. at the Independence Day Ceremony, Independence Hall, Philadelphia - July 4, 2006 (I'd like to see her closet!) Hughe's Note: As I was taking my 500 shots of whatever this day, the PR person for this event came up to me and collected my info. I told her I had a blog and I would be writing about the event. She thought it was great, maybe bloggers are journalist even though I came across this today 'BLOGGERS' ARE NOT 'JOURNALISTS', SAYS LITHUANIAN PARLIAMENT...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

DID I Mention it was SJP's Birthday Sunday

Sorry I don't have anything new and exciting today, but I am in the middle of editing a big job I had Saturday night, a private event with lots of exciting people. If I am not careful I might actually start making money from this photography thing!!

Monday, March 26, 2007

The Tale of Two Photos

After last Thursdays premiere, it was then my responsibility to "shop" the photos to the media to promote the film. OMG how exhausting was that, calling, emailing and be rejected by a dozen papers. Finally the People Paper "The Phila Daily News" saw that one of my photos told a story. The greeting of Angie Everhart with Sen. Vince Fumo as co-director Sal Mazzotta looks on. One of my favorite columnist Dan Gross picks up on this photo and tells the rest of the story...The edited photo they published... Dan Gross Fumo's good-luck charm STATE SEN. Vince Fumo sported a red Kabbalah bracelet as he greeted flame-haired beauty Angie Everhart and filmmaker Sal Mazzotta outside Thursday's premiere of "The Unknown Trilogy" at the Prince (1412 Chestnut). The bracelet was a gift from Rabbi Solomon Isaacson, of Congregation Beth Solomon in the Northeast. The rabbi gave Fumo the bracelet on Feb. 6 in Harrisburg just before Fumo delivered a speech denouncing federal prosecutors who leveled a 139-count indictment at him the next day. The bracelet is meant to ward off evil, says Isaacson, who has also given one to Mayor Street. It's also popular among celebrities, as Madonna, Demi Moore and Britney Spears have shown. Fumo's spokesman, Gary Tuma, said Friday that the senator "hopes it brings him good luck." Neither Fumo nor the bracelet stayed for the screening of Mazzotta's film. However, Fumo's ex-girlfriend, Terri Reilly, a stunning redhead herself, did watch the movie, posing at one point for a photo with Everhart and attorney Scott Sigman. Actors Johnny Williams, Robert Costanzo, David Proval and sandwich king Tony Luke Jr. were on hand for the premiere of the film in which they all appear. (The photo I took)Everhart plays Mazzotta's wife in "Gone," the final short of the trilogy, which deals with a couple's struggle to get over the accidental death of their young son. The model/actress danced the night away Thursday at Galdo's (20th & Moyamensing) which hosted the movie's after-party. (****HughE's note: Although Dan's coverage was great, especially since he tried to get to the bottom of the story, I was surprised that someone in photo editing cut out the Senator's wrist showing the red bracelet, hmm what would a conspiracist say?***) Here's a close up of the photo I took.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Sarah Jessica Parker was born March 25, 1965, in Nelsonville, Ohio, to parents Stephen and Barbra. She has 7 siblings. Played a role in the original stage production of "The Heidi Chronicles," only to be replaced when the show moved to Cynthia Nixon, her "Sex and the City" (1998) co-star. Kim Cattrall played a role in the 1995 film version of the play. That makes Kristin Davis the only regular cast member of "Sex and the City" (1998) not to appear in some adaptation of the play. "Sex and the City" (1998) made her a fashion icon to women all over the world due to her extravagant New Yorkian style. Was introduced to husband Matthew Broderick through her brother, Timothy Britten Parker.I AM NOT OBSESSED, I AM NOT OBSESSED, I AM NOT OBSESSED, ok I might be obsessed about them, but isn't recognizing it half the solution - LOL

Friday, March 23, 2007

Angie Everhart Red Carpet Premiere of The Unknown Trilogy

HELLO - what's going on here. I watch THE SECRET on the Oprah show and WALLAH I am wishing and projecting myself at lots of PREMIERE's and low and behold I get an INVITE in the EMAIL this afternoon to be the only OFFICIAL photographer at this PRIVATE RED CARPET PREMIERE of Angie Everharts new movie THE UNKNOWN TRILOGY. Damn guess who show's up to reuin my first shot, those damn guys (autograzzi) screwing up my arrival photo...The second beauty I captured this week with Director/Producer local Glendora Guy done good Sal Mazzotta and Supermodel of the World - Angie Everhart, former Playboy Covergirl!! Guests arriving looking fierce
Amanda Lepore, hmm no but it's Linda Axelrod who does Marilyn and Mamie Von Doren impressions and was in this movie. The guys around her are producers. More guests, and AngieBada Bing Bada Bum - I know it's hard to believe but someone from this group was in the Soprano's another in Goodfellows and yet another in Son of the Mafiesto. Some of these guys are in this movie too (its 1 AM I am too tired to look them up; no I didn't just get in, I had to prep all my ANGIE photos for potential PRESS COVERAGE, does anyone want to buy a HOT B-List Celebrity Shot, someday she might be on the Surreal World or if she married Prince Andrew, who she is alledgedly dating, she could be a PRINCESS!!)Is that Angie's sister giving us style? Hmm he could be in the movie
OK this I know, THIS GUY HAS FIVE OSCARS for Scores of movies - Memories of a Gisha, ET, Star Wars, Schindler's List and Jaws!!! And finally Bjork was there!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Philadelphia is well on its way to being Hollywood East - Halle Berry Screening

as another "Red Carpet" screening comes to the Sixth Boro, Philadelphia. Perfect Stranger STARRING: Halle Berry, Bruce Willis and Giovanni Ribisi. I read about the event in the paper, and since there was no mention of who the PR firm was, I just took my chances and showed up
The Red Carpet, so far so good, looks like these people have a little experience. Unlike the other two premieres in town, this one didn't have a "pen" for the photographers. But they label the sidewalk for the "credentialed and invited media and OMG college press" (I didn't know how to get in contact with the who was handling the affair so no place for me, I would be flying under the "Freelance" flag again - LOL (Anyone out there want to rep me, I come cheap) It was good to see some of my new photographer friends and make a few new ones. The Philly photogs are great (they show me the ropes, tell me I need to get a press pass from the police, but I have to have representation from a Philly paper) and they were kind enough to fill me in on who the PR firm was and who to speak with, I was able to get a "Tip Sheet", which tells you who is going to be there and their bios.Oh damn just like NYC, the bottom feeders show up, the autograzzi. If there is no control over them, they will ruin your shot everytime. AND these guys look meaner than the ones in NYC, ok not the creme de la creme ones that I have seen push women out of the way when they wanted to get Tony Soprano's graph at a screening. They've done it again, it's pretty on the outside, red carpet, listings for media & press, things look like they are going to go smoothly, but the truth is you can not have the media interviews (TV Interviews) first. I really think that these folks (PR people) need to observe how it is done in NYC. They will learn that the stars should pose for the photographers first, and then do interviews, not the other way around and certainly not the way they had it labeled as every other person first there was NBC, KYW, ABC then the Philly Papers, then The college TV Stations, then BET, then a photographer, then MTV, then a Photgrapher, Then a College TV Station, OY VEY. It slows down the celebrity, and the 2nd line of photographers (ME) get cameras and shadows in the way of their shots. Here is Giovani's first interview, he is practically teetering on the curb. I did what is call a "Hail Mary" shot, bascially to show you the set up (although many people do get decent photos like this, as I will show you in the coming weeks). And note how the stop sign in the back reflects my shot, often that is just bad, bad, bad and ruins it. Then SHE came. I love how that one guy is trying to get her to sign a baseball. I imagine after being married to David Justice, she doesn't want to sign any baseballs. She did spend a lot of time with them and I think the reason she was was because Giovanni was still being interviewed by the first interviewers, there really was no room for her and she didn't want to draw attention away from him; As I noted before, if any PR people are reading, the Photographers go first, the celebs pose, we shoot, they move on to the "Interviewers", where they go at a slower pace while another celebrity is being shot by the photographers, then they move on and then go inside. Plus this event did not have any outside lighting, and when Halle got to the photographer section it was dark, resulting in some shadowing in the background. As the crowds swell, I realize I am not going to get the shot I want. I have to practically followed Halle onto the red carpet so I can attempt to get the FASHION SHOT as my friend Carmen says. Halle's bodyguard is shooting me a really dirty look as I am standing in the street between her and her SUV.
OK and here is what happened as the frenzy action went on, the PR people did not control the fans, and the freelancing photogs like myself are shut out from the front of the press line because ordinary people, you know like me last year before I started doing these gigs for pay, ordinary people broke the press line and wouldn't get out of the way for the working press. If I were in NYC, this is when I would be grateful as Luisa or Carmen would be yelling for the "Fans and Autograzzi's" to get out of the Press Pit. I now must suffer with hats and throwaway cameras in my frameA shot to show you the coat, not my best, but one I really like. Hopefully next week you will see one of my shots in People Magazine as my NYC agency will be pushing it nationally.An interesting thing to note, most of the photographers are salaried, they don't really have to be creative to get shots, they just have to get a shot, so as this chaos is happening, they are still in the same spot where I left them when I shot Halle exiting her SUV. After Halle went in, I noticed her car went around to the back. I thought she would be inside for at least 30 minutes, but I was wrong and she popped out after only 10 minutes and I totally missed her because I was standing around sharing gripes with the other photographers about the set up. It was very aggravating and I won't make that mistake again. **** The only decent shot I got of Giovanni Ribisi. I was caught up in the Halle effect.One of my favorite Halle shots! My other favorite shot - reminds me of the little bears Nutri-System gives you everytime you lose ten pounds, of course thats a different blog which I haven't updated in a month - Yikes
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