Monday, April 30, 2007

People Love Celebrities

Even if they're crooks of long ago...Darwin Coon one time bank robber and resident of Alcatraz; his number was 1422 and he was there 1959 - 1963 (I took this photo in 2005) Darwin Coon, 69, a gentle-looking former bank robber in khakis and a brown jacket, his number was 1422 and he was there 1959 - 1963. He told a chilling story of how he had been locked up for 29 days in isolation, a single cell with no light. He went there for carrying a knife. Somebody else out to get him also had a knife, and he thought he might be killed. "It was pitch black," he said. "All I had on was a pair of boxer shorts. You were cold to the bone, no way to get warm. "I prayed a lot," he said. "You got no one to talk to, but the Lord is always there. And he's available. So I talked to him. "I learned my lesson," he said, "Absolutely." Coon, now a retired property manager in Sacramento, posed for pictures with tourists, standing next to a barred window. They thought he was great; he didn't look like a crook at all.

A Few Pixs from the Everglades

The Everglades are not for people who love mountains or amazing vistas. It's a park full of grass and a slow moving river that is practically invisible Except for the occassional watering hole
This is my favorite spot for viewing wildlife - The Anhinga Trail. I had never been there later than the month of March and sadly most of the birds at the end of April, including the Anhinga, had flown North. but I did capture a few as they were fleeing
but there were still dragon flies around
and interesting insectsand turtles and the alligator never leaves sometimes you can get up real close as you walkalong the boardwalk that goes along the river and watering holesAs I was leaving the park, I stopped to take a photo of the sunset. And much to my surprise I captured this hawk who was poised to watch the sun set too, although after I got four shots off he flew away.The sunset was spectacular

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Who will be the 90,000th person to visit my blog?

Hmm I guess I should have signed up for advertisements afterall. Thanks so much to all my viewers for making this possible. I am back from Florida and recovering from the 26hr drive. I took over 1100 photos and will be sharing them and my thoughts soon. Oh no I decided not to go to NYC again, that priority has shifted, but if you are in NYC their is a movie premiere today of Waitress at 19th and Broadway at 2PM, then tonight at 6:30 Legally Blond opens on Broadway at the Palace Theater. I hear its great and who knows who might show up for that. Now my next trip will be May 13 - May 15, although I am a bit skeptical about that trip now because I hear there is going to be a big Red Carpet to do with Liza Minelli here in Philadelphia. Oh these damn decisions I must make, Liza or the cast from Hereos? What do you think I should do?

Friday, April 20, 2007

The Climate Project with Lance Simmens

Lance Simmens has recently completed a rigorous training program led by former Vice President Al Gore; currently he is serving as Special Assistant for Intergovernmental Affairs to Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell. In this capacity he serves an integral role in the development of wind energy in the commonwealth. Thursday night at the home of Khushi and Paul Bagga, Lance Simmens presented a slide presentation based on the Al Gore film "An Incovenient Truth." and also answered questions regarding the Climate and the changes that are occuring. "Global warming is a threat that needs to be addressed immediately, but it hasn't reached the point in which it's too late to do anything about it." Lance stated.Lance greets the youngest member of the Green Team.Lance was introduced by Mary Patel who organized the event because like many of us she too is worried about CO2 emmissions."I try to focus more on the solutions," he said. "Together, through individual and collective actions, I think we can address this problem."He was among the first 250 people selected by former Vice President Al Gore to attend a training session to present "An Inconvenient Truth" and to be trained on all the scientific data contained in the documentary and then spread the message. After being certified, Simmens has spent time in Pennsylvania giving his presentation, but he wanted to come to Georgia Southern, where he graduated.Lance said there were simple things people could do to help reduce their "carbon footprint," including taking shorter showers, combining errands, car pool, using compact fluorescent bulbs to save not only money, but the environment as well. "It is morally inappropriate for us to not leave this world a better place than which we found it," he said. "The question is not will the earth survive, but will it survive and be inhabitable." In addition to being a moral issue, Simmens also argues that global warming could be a national security issue as resources become more scarce due to climate changes and the earth's population continues to increase.Our host, Paul Bagga greeting a guest 5am-10am XPN Morning Show w/ Michaela Majoun, Lance & Mary Mike, food, drink, conversation, there seems to be a patternLance Simmens, Mary Patel and Former Sen. Bob Rovner now in radio Our hotess Khushi Bagga, Lance and Mary There are things you can do: install programmable thermostats, changing home heating and cooling filters, even properly inflating the tires on your car all help the cause. “The easiest thing I found that makes a huge difference is properly inflated tires. You can cut out 250 pounds of carbon dioxide emission per year and save $840 in gas if your tires are inflated properly. If everyone did it, nationwide, pollution would come down by two percent in one year.” Lance states. For more information on The Climate Project, visit or visit

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Closing Night: 16th Annual Philadelphia Film Festival

Oh what fun I have had these past three weeks. The experience was the cherry on top of loving Philadelphia, once again. As my long time readers know, it was difficult to make the transition when I first moved back from the NYC paparazzi life to Philadelphia's anything. Who knew there was so many exciting events for the Paparazzi Guy in Philadelphia. Thanks to Phyllis Halpern who introduced me to Thom Cardwell who gave me the opportunity to photograph the Festival and other events in these past few weeks. I have now tapped into a new passion for me which is event photography, I really love it and it's just as satisfying as shooting Lindsay Lohan, Reese Witherspoon, P. Diddy, or SJP, ok maybe not Sarah Jessica Parker:) Thom begins the closing nights ceremony. Dressed in a snappy blue/black checkered coat, he continues to lend the Phila Film Festival a glimpse of his unique style and charm Michaela Majoun and Robert Drake hosts on WXPN introduce the winners of the Festival Awards Lisbeth Bartlett accepting one of the awards for Rocket Science, a funny drama about a young boy that stutters who enters a spelling bee. She's has just finished flashing the audience which is somewhat depicted in the film. (I took this shot from about 100 feet away without a flash, I really love this Nikon D80)Judy Toll: The Funniest Women You Never Heard Of (1958- 2002) won an award. The touching and hilarious story of comedian/actress/writer Judy Toll, who struggled and finally succeeded in Hollywood only to succumb to cancer. Here is the director, her brother, Gary Toll and her mother accepting the award. Judy Toll who once said: "My problem with men is that I have this deadly combination of being desperate but picky." The Archie Award, named after Archie Perlmutter, will be presented to the best first-time director of a film at the Closing Awards Ceremony on Wedensday, April 18, at the Prince Music Theater. Here his wife Ruth announces the award.Philadelphia Premiere of Waitress written/directed by Adrienne Shelly (I will be attending the NYC Premiere on April 29 2PM who wants to go?) The WAITRESS: One woman trapped in a life from which she dreams of escape. Jenna's (Russell) secret ambition is to save enough money from her waitressing job to leave her overbearing and controlling husband (Sisto). The film will be Adrienne Shelly's last, as she was tragically murdered in Nov 2006 in her NY apartment, which was just about a block from mine and makes this movie a sentenmental favorite. I LOVED THE MOVIE, the characters and the story. Keri Russell, Nathan Fillion, Cheryl Hines, Adrienne Shelly, and Andy Griffith are amazing. Jeremy Sisto is disturbing. (Move still from film in other words this is the only shot I didn't take)The Afterparty...the best food yet, Philly Hoagie (subs for youse outside the Philly area), Philly Cheesesteaks, ice creamand TastykakesPearl the best volunteer in the City. Actor Michael Molina, director Robert Gaston and Actor Jessica Graham from the movie "2 Minutes Later" see it at the Miami Festival Apr 27 or at the Philadelphia Gay Film Festival in July. Mike, food, drink, beautiful women, he had a blast!! (here he is with Mary Patel)
A new friend Hillary Yasmer Shemin, who also does event photography and Dena Robbins, GPFO and who is married to the Robbin's 8th & Walnut guy with the diamond in the beard. I asked how it was secured, but she declined the answer saying I should ask him. It's a mystery, maybe its a chin piercing, hmm.Sharon Pinkenson cuts a rug with Tigre Hill
chatter among friends, I know I am going to have Mary, Susan, Janice, James and especially Thom withdrawl; As I said to someone last night, I can not measure the personal pleasure it has been to meet so many different and interesting people as I have these past few weeks. My life is that much better now that I know them.Rich Wolff, James, my good friend and clothing cordinator "BuckMonkey" Duggan and the ever glamourous Susan Helfrich (you should see the delicious black laced up the side leather skirt she had on)Did I mention the party was on the 50th floor of the Bell Atlantic Building with a view of my lovely City Hall. I will be resuming my tours this spring with the Philadelphia Landmarks Society, try to make one of the tours, but not the first one as I will be a little rusty. The view down the Parkway I am on vacation for the next week Thanks for all your support andIf I promised you a photo and you didn't get it, I will send it to you when I return. Any requests for photos please send to Notes @ HughEphotos . com (no spaces)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Gail Kamenish: A Great Photographer, A Great Storyteller,

Gail Kamenish the Official Photographer for the Philadelphia Film Festival.
"2007 Philadelphia Film Festival: This year we've hired a photographer to capture the daily atmosphere of the festival - the venue, the crowds and the parties! Be sure to come by and check out the new photos everyday... who knows, maybe you'll see one of yourself! Photos by Gail Kamenish" Gail is an amazing photographer as you will see by the following photos. She hails from Louisville, Ky and has travelled here to Philly for the past two years to photograph the event. My job was to cover the events Gail couldn't make it too, as there were many awesome ones overlapping, we often overlapped ourselves like at the opening party and closing night parties. Personally I don't know how Gail did it, she must have hit at least 5 events everyday, often I was exhausted just reviewing the photos she took.
Lucky me I got into one of Gail's shots. I didn't shoot La Vie En Rose, but I wish I had gotten this shot of the 30 yr old directorMy girl Sharon Pinkenson, and Dermot Mulrey (I wasn't at this party) Here I am with Mary adjusting showing her a photo and being photo'd Kathleen, Mike and Dana at Mary Patel's party Here's one of the shots I wish I had taken. I love the concept and the colors. Maybe you are in one of her shots: ; Here is some of Gail's other work. After she finishes with the Film Festival it's back to Kentucky to shoot the Derby May 5. If you want to complete the picture at an event, you have collect names, pictured here is Gail's assistant doing a great job. As a photographer you try not to disturb people to much to get the job done, you do it, but then to really finish the job you need the names and that is where the hard part comes in as it can't be rushed or you get mispellings and that could ruin the whole experience for the subject that has allowed you to shoot them. Here she is collecting the names at the Kick- Off Party, which was loud, but she is doing a thorough job. If you find yourself without an assistant, collect business cards and write the assigning shot number on the back.
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