Sunday, October 28, 2007

Terrence McNally Christens the Suzanne Roberts Stage

***These gigs in Philly are great, first of all the PR bends over backwards to make sure you are in the right spot to get your photos, then they offer you food and drink and finally you get to see a once in a lifetime play for free and if you want you can take photos, no flash please. *** Terrence McNally and Producing Artistic Director Sara Garonzik "An Evening with Terrence McNally and Friends," played for ONE NIGHT at the newly built Philadelphia Suzanne Roberts Theatre. A humble McNally addressed the patrons who sponsored the ultra-modern, great-sounding, 365-seat theater. He got down on hands and knees and kissed the stage, saying that he does usually does this in private at theaters where his plays open but that he felt "like I'm among friends." (I was there and caught it all for you to see this moving experience [I believe this are the only shots ever of Terrence McNally kissing a stage].)
If you follow me to you can see the rest of the line up, including a very funny Nathan Lane

Friday, October 26, 2007


Who doesn't love to see Bono and his trademark organge tinted glasses. Last night Bono recieved another award for his humanitarian work from the "Keep The Child Alive" organization headed by Iman and Alycia Keyes Bono poses on the carpet with
model and Tsunumi survivor, Model Petra Nemcova, Bono his wife Ali Hewsonand Alycia Keys and a few friends. I love the Bono pose here
Kids are so impressionable Ok how many of my readers would like to be blindfolded by Bono When shooting Bono I only have one person in mind, my friend Diane, who last year waited on her lunch hour 4 hours for a Bono sighting, and then ignored my advice on how to see and get a photograph with Bono at his wifes fashion show when no one else would be around. She has a limit, no waiting in dark allys in NYC at midnight.
To get this Bono headshot, I mistakedly and dumbly missed lots of good smiling action with the Trio, "The Three Shot", which would have been marketable. A Bono headshot with Alycia Keys hand on his shoulder is not marketable!!! ANother BonoBono looking down, not marketable Bono looking at me smiling, marketable, sadly too difficult to cut out c0-founder of "Keep Child Alive" Leigh Blake who is not the same height as the rest of the folks in the picture. Might have made a difference if I shot it head on. But sometimes these set up shots, never make it to one end of the carpet or the other for those dead on shots. And there were other people there.. A Bowie and Iman On cue Russel Simmons and girlfriend shut their eyes
Sheryl Crow doing her best Stevie Nicks impression I thought John Denver was dead And Gwen. After styling it all week, all over town in NYC, she shows up on the Red Carpet in this ugly thing, with that ugly hair. None the less I sent all my good shots out and gave you guys this ugly, white balance, over exposed shot because that's pretty much how I felt she looked last night...

Thursday, October 25, 2007


First I want to thank my faithful readers for stopping in each day, sorry I haven't posted as I am still knee deep in renovations. I did make a quick post to the Philly Chit Chat blog if you want to see the event I covered in town. Thursday I will be traveling to NYC to cover a Bono/Gwen Stefani event for your enjoyment. "Terrence McNally and Friends" christen the new Suzanne Roberts Theatre

Monday, October 22, 2007

I called it OLTL's MICHAEL MCBAIN PLAYED BY Nathaniel Marston, 32

IS CRAZY: Soap opera actor in hospital after allegedly attacking three A soap opera star who plays a doctor on "One Life to Live" ended up in a real hospital after allegedly attacking three people in midtown and brawling with city cops. Nathaniel Marston, 32, who plays Dr.Michael McBain on the ABC soap, assaulted his victims with a crate, breaking one man's leg Sunday in the 4:50 a.m. incident at 45th St. and 10th Ave., cops said. Police said the 6-foot-3 actor appeared to be under the influence of narcotics, possibly cocaine, when they were called to the scene. Marston, a former amateur boxer, began flailing his arms and kicking at officers as they went to arrest him, officials said. "I don't want to talk to you, and please don't ever come to my home," Marston told the Daily News Sunday after his release from Bellevue Hospital. He answered the door of his midtown apartment bare-chested, sporting a fresh bruise over his left eye. Marston was charged with two counts each of felony assault, reckless endangerment and criminal possession of a weapon as well as one count of resisting arrest. He was taken to Bellevue, where he was labeled an emotionally disturbed person, police said. (This is what I wrote back in 9/06)
Nathaniel Marston joined the cast of One Life to Life in December 2001, originally in the role of Al Holden. After a brush with death, Al received another chance at life in the body of Michael McBain ; Nathaniel was a complete shock to meet. When I first began watching OLTL my favorite character was Michael McBain who appeared to be completely Metrosexual to me, sensitive and G-Rated. Then he became Al, a little edgier and angry. When I went to the "stage door" and met him I was completely shocked because he is really a little edgier, spitting, cursing smoking, a real man's man. He deserves an Emmy, he is a great actor, as he was completely different than I imagined him. After this interaction I decided one visit to OLTL would be enough I am unable to handle this dichotomy. Here's the complete article in Today's Daily News: Here's a good discussion on Gothamist:

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

STUNT CASTING ALERT: Clay Aiken on Broadway in Spamalot

Where do American Idol finalist go once they make it as close to the top as they possibly can, before they start screeching their way back down to whence they came: Broadway. "American Idol" notables to appear on the New York stage include Constantine Maroulis (The Wedding Singer, Jacques Brel), Frenchie Davis (Rent), Diana DeGarmo (Hairspray) and the most celebrated: Fantasia Barrino in The Color Purple. And now: There will be no ticket slump for Spamalot during the dark days of Winter, as American Idol finalist Clay Aiken will begins his run on Jan. 18, 2008 continuing through May 4. We know where these claymates will be parking their butts come January 18, 2008 but where on earth are they going to park their cars so everyone can see how much they love Clay Aiken
I thought Spamalot was still doing a booming business, do the Spamalot folks know what they are in for, do you think the Claymates will be able to contain their screams long enough for dialog to spew from Sir Robin's mouth? (Isnt Sir Robin the gay knight, Clay does have a sense of humor!) 1/18/08 guaranteed celebrity sightings: Rosie O'Donnell and Barry Manilow at Spamalot 1/18/08 (Photo:AP)

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Kati's Interior Design business, Nirmada, is taking off and you can see some of her work here:; If you need an interior designer, she's the one for you.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


It's Star going into the Janet Jackson move last week "Why did I get Married". Star exits her Limo at 7:44PM Star doesn't want to pose for the outside photographers, says she is just there as a friend and not to be photographed. (Hmm maybe she knew her dress was too tight for a favorable shot) waves the shooters off and continues her sprint towards the front door ignores my call, "What are you wearing?" [it's too tight] loves hearing her name called and smiles, glad that someone is finally pleading with her, Star I want you, Star I need you, words her husband probably never spouts. Tells the photographers that she will be right back
she's booed says she is late, and has to go, bowing for forgiveness. But personally this is the best shot for me, as it shows that Star still has an inflated ego of herself if she thought she could fit in this dress. I love her courtsey (why wasnt this shot sold to People?) doesn't break a sweat, and makes it inside in record time she's in at 7:44 and 25 seconds

Friday, October 12, 2007


Here's one, but to find the few check out

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Team Elton John & Team Billie Jean King Charity Tennis Match for Action Aids and the Elton John Aids Foundation

Elton John and long-time friend Billie Jean King host the 15th annual Advanta World TeamTennis Smash Hits, a special night of tennis featuring Andy Roddick, Lindsay Davenport, Patrick McEnroe and Anna Kournikova. - Team Elton John Team Billie Jean Fopr a special section dedicated to our tennis sweathear - Anna Kournikova go to:

Monday, October 08, 2007

I DID IT, I'm Published in People Magazine, but why I am so depressed

Actually I am ecstatic, just critical of my work and decisions I made at this shoot, like doing a video of this moment so you at home could see the chaos of the moment - LOL No, actually I like bringing you guys the chaos. The video is the last entry. One of my favorite documentaries is "A Date With Drew", so when I started shooting with an agency in December, I set as one of my goals to get a photo published in People Magazine (I have been published in magazines, and newspapers before, its just to me People in the cream of the crop, and they tend to publish from the same photographers, it seems. When I made my New Year's Resolution back on 1/1/07, I should have been more specific about which section of People I wished to see my work in. SO to look a gift horse in the mouth, my shot was published in the "This is what happened over the Weekend" section on in the video section, an area that doesn't give a photo credit, and a section I never envisioned my first shot would appear, I never went that deep into the site. The shot above is the original, below the published shot. Note how people cropped it, and also made the colors warmer. I like what they did. Glad they saw the imperfections

The shot below was taken by Anthony Dixon of WENN. It appears in the section that I will be striving to be in next, the PHOTO SECTION. He's shot is great, and he's a great guy, but I was surprised the would publish a shot with a person in the background behind Halle Berry, and thus I didn't submit the nice full length shot I had because of the folks behind my full length "Fashion" shot. The colors on his shots are also warmer, and People titled it "Halle's Pregnancy Glow". (It might have to do with the camera too, he shoots with a Canon which seems to be warmer, than the harsh reality of a Nikon, which seems to be bluer, I'll have to work on that.)

The shot that I didn't submit because of background "noise"This is the one I did submit. Who knew they didn't like the bare wall, but did like a luggage cart.

Here's the fun video I shot of the chaotic scene. I guess I can call it quits now and write my book. I was looking forward to a more dramatic conclusion, like one of my shots being published 12/31/07 This shot didn't happen by itself. Thanks to the other people that helped me along, my partner Mike (who doesn't mind too much when I travel to NYC on my 2 day jaunts once a month), Kati, Simon (who let me crash at their place), Margarita, Carmen (who got me into this business in the first place), Luisa, Cara, Janet, David, Anthony, Rick, cityrag, Gawker, Reese Witherspoon, Citizen Image, WENN and all the other people who encourage me to stay in this business even though I live in Philly, have a full time day job and seem to manage on very little sleep, even if I am grumpy. Now I have an ending to my book. I see my retirement coming soon, this pace is hard to maintain - LOL

Saturday, October 06, 2007

A Few Candids From Last Nights 40th Anniversary Gala of the New Line Cinema

First of all let me tell you, never, ever take a bus from Philly to NYC on a Friday, on a three day columbus holiday weekend and think that the bus will arrive in the 2 hr time period. It took 4 hours and I missed the arrivals, specifically Nicole Kidman:( The train would have only took 80 mins. But before that happened, as I was walking through Times Square on my way to the Time Warner building at 59th Street (I wasn't in that big of a rush thinking I missed the opportunity to get any good shots), anyway, I ran into Ms Deborah Gibson leaving the Hard Rock Cafe. No I had no idea she would be there. In NYC you could swing a cat, as they say, and hit a celebrity. You just have to look. After accidently calling her Debbie, she looked my way and gave me a couple great shots. TONIGHT you can catch Deborah Gibson @

B.B. King's Blues Club & Grill (NYC), 8:00pm 237 West 42 St New York 10001

Although I was too late to stand in the press box, I did get a nifty spot in the fan area. Fran Drescher was nice with the fans Jennifer Hudson who was sweet as can be. I think that is her boyfriend next to her. I should have asked. It must be a very heady experience for them. I know when I am at these events my adrenlin is pumping, the excitement is thick and the energy is pulsating. WOWsee Ricki Lake, who says she didn't have the surgery and just does a Nutri-system like program John Waters, who told me that Cry Baby was coming along nicely and thanks for askingI did a bad thing, as I slip further and further into my paparazzi hole. I noticed Jane Fonda slip out a side door, and walk towards her car. Having given me a sourpuss earlier in the evening, I really wanted to get the shot (that didn't have a chance in hell in selling as shes not 20 anymore, but I still wanted it) So I run after her, Jane could I just get a photo. Slam went the door, then I did the unthinkable, I say with a chuckle, I shot her through the closed heavily tinted window and guess what, I got the shot!! Note Jane is dating a man that looks like Ted Turner
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