Friday, February 29, 2008

Ellen DeGeneres Discusses The Recent Murder of Lawrence King's Death

Thanks to for the intial post, I had no idea about this murder.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

THE BROADWAY SHOW WICKED IN GERMAN - Defying Gravity so awesome

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I am in the middle of this project which is compiling a list of "tear sheets" so that I can apply to a few events coming up. It's easier now that a lot of medium have "website" counterparts in addition to hard copies. So to compile you do searches on your name, in conjunction with subjects and other tricks, as you don't always know where your stuff goes. But one thing I do require under both my blogs is that no matter what if someone takes a photo off my site they have to give me credit, I guess even if it shows up on an X-Rated site, and this photo of Lucie Arnez is not even close to that, but an X-rated site lifted it (Click at your own risk, I didn't!): LUCY ARNEZ FULL SCREEN PICTURES AND VIDEOSHUGHE DILLON For The Inquirer HUGHE DILLON For The Inquirer "244 x 320 - 19k". was red about Lucy was her hair was red about Lucy was her hair

Monday, February 25, 2008


Simon says, sure it may be a cheap way to get a lot of hits today (if only I had signed up for advertising 150,000 hits ago!!), but the truth is I want to watch it all day long and share it with all my friends too... THIS IS THE FUNNIEST VIDEO, see if you can pick out all the celebrities!!! OMG OMG OMG where are my depends, this video is so funny.


THE TWO BEST THINGS ABOUT LAST NIGHTS OSCARS - My prediction of Marion Cotillard's Oscar win last April when I first saw the movie.

Marion Cotillard did more than become a new Academy Awards darling on Sunday. She also denied a long-established one. With a phenomenal performance as singer Edith Piaf in "La Vie En Rose," Cotillard pulled an upset win for best actress over Julie Christie, who had been the favorite to claim a second Oscar 42 years after she won for "Darling." "Wow. Well, I'm speechless now," a tearful Cotillard said, her French-accented voice quivering as she accepted the award. "It is true ... angels in this city. Thank you so, so much." Backstage, her delight was even less restrained. "It feels so good. I'm totally overwhelmed with joy and sparkles and fireworks and everything which goes like bom-bom-bom," Cotillard said.

AND AFTER THE SHOW - THE JIMMY KIMMEL and he's fucking Ben Affleck (as soon as the video is up on youtube you I will download it or you should see it. It was fucking amazing, creative, brilliant, in fact it should get a Golden Globe!! RUN DON'T WALK TO SEE THIS VIDEO

Saturday, February 23, 2008

CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE PAPARAZZO hmm I like the title of this news article, I wonder where they got the idea?

I am a fan of these two kids, but maybe not of their parents. 


I don't believe for one minute that they don't send their photos to an agency, and only put the shots on their blog to earn ad revenue.  But if that's they case, let's give them a few more readers and a few more bucks.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Baird Jones Found Dead

Most people might not know who this is, but for someone like me that reads a lot of gossip and celebrity stuff, Baird provided info like no one else and he didn't do the tips anonymously. People wanted to be quoted by Baird, and if Baird reported it, then it must be true. There will surely be a gapping hole in the gossip community from here on out. The New York Daily News' Ben Widdicombe reports I'll miss Baird Jones, his ballsy style, his man about town ways. I'm sure I have seen him around NYC, but I never got a chance to say thanks. This business is really about PR, and gossip is just getting the word out about something, and Baird was the best at getting the word out.

"COVER" Screening Philadelphia - I appreciate that they chose to shoot the film in Philly, but it stops there

One of this year's most popular films at the 16th Annual Pan African Film and Arts Festival (PAFF) was Bill Duke's "Cover," a film about the downlow---surprise surprise. "Cover" was so popular that one encore wouldn't accommodate the hundreds of people that showed up to see it, so a third screening was added. Starring Aunjanue Ellis, Razaaq Adoti, Vivica A. Fox, Richard Gant, Mya, Louis Gossett, Jr., Leon, Paula Jai Parker, Roger Guenveur Smith, Patti LaBelle and Obba Babatunde, "Cover" tells the story of Ryan Chambers (Leon) who is murdered on New Year's Eve, the prime suspect is Valerie Maas (Aunjanue Ellis), a church-going homemaker whose life unravels when she discovers that her husband (Razaaq Adoti) of 15 years has been leading a double life. Her strength of character and faith keeps the family alive as a deadly disease threatens to destroy all that they have known. Producer Corey Redmond and GPFO executive director Sharon Pinkenson Husband and DL instigator, Razaaq Adoti Hot, Sexy Mya, or Mya Harrison as she now wants to be known as "Cover" is set to open in limited theatrical release this week on February 22. Limited as in Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, Philadelphia, Newark, and Baltimore. (I could have done a lot better on this shot, "the Money Shot", but there was a table in front of her and she wasn't in any mood for me to move her and the poster to a better location. I thought it was all about the promotion of the movie, and she is Mya. Oh well. I will wait to see the movie on DVD if I see it at all; as Jasmyne A. Cannick ( states in News Blaze: '"Cover" tells the typical and for me tired story of the brotha who did the sista wrong. We've been there and seen that before. It doesn't necessarily portray gay men, bisexual men, or men on the downlow in the most positive light, not that you need too to discuss the downlow. But the plot that always includes the sista done wrong is a bit overplayed and does nothing to address the reason why the downlow exists in the first place. Instead, it continues to point the finger of blame while using an all-star cast to keep its audience enthralled." I was hard pressed to find a positive review of this movie, but I did find a clip of it here: If you have a printed good review I would be more than happy to link it. I do think the word needs to get out, but maybe a documentary or PSA spots on TV might be a good start. Maybe honest communication, not damnation might go along way.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008


The night I shot these photos was the two year anniversary of my blog, Confessions of a Paparazzi. I've enjoyed it, its great to have a record of these two years in case I ever write my book on how little 'ol me fell into this biz. I would never have thought it, and I didn't plan it and I wish I had had a clue when I started this blog because I would have been so much richer 'cause I lived in NYC and I stayed until the attendees at a party excited. Sorta what happened this night, 1/31/08. It's the after party for the documentary of the Marc Jacobs/Louis Vuitton event that was at the Tribeca. I knew nothing about her, except she is on some show called One Tree Hill, which I know nothing about. But this girl is beautiful, with skin that's porcelin. Thankfully someone asked her to take her clothes off. It was about 20F and windy out. I being the too nice of guy, just wouldn't be able to do that, he being the hungry guy that needs to get paid to eat, well lets just say I like shooting with guys like that. I am entirely too wimpy to be that aggressive.I was so on the wrong side of her, but you know this photo sold anyway as I cropped it down and it was a good shoot of the back of her dress and you could recognize her. I included this version as you can see she is outside and the girl on her left has a leather fur coat on and gloves. It was cold. I never did make it over to the correct side to shoot her because it was bang, bang, bang and she put her coat back on.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Boscov's just started carrying Marie Osmond's line of dolls, and to celebrate Marie made one of her first visits to the Philly area, not included her hawking the line at QVC up the road.
I think this guy was confused and thought she said dog signing No it was doll, defininetly doll. Marie signed at least 400 dolls for the 700 people that showed up. I am sure she would have signed the rest had she not been so amazingly generous posing for photos with each of her fans. So take that Rachael Ray and smoke it.

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Carpenters' home in path of wreck ball

She was the Amy Winehouse of the Seventies: DOWNEY, Calif. - Fans of The Carpenters now have something else to be down about besides rainy days and Mondays. The owners of Karen and Richard Carpenter's former home - the house where an anorexic Karen collapsed in 1983 before dying - want to tear it down. Manuel and Blanca Melendez Parra have grown weary of the legions of fans who visit to pay tribute to the sibling crooners. The Parras used to invite the fans into their home, but that close-to-you feeling has given way to despair. The couple has asked Downey city officials for permission to raze the five-bedroom tract house, where the Carpenters penned some of their greatest hits. The proposal to level the residence - featured on The Carpenters' "Now and Then" album cover in 1973 - has fans feeling less than on top of the world.

Friday, February 15, 2008

TO MY READER FAN AT Johnson and Wales

I tried to send you an email, it keeps getting rejected. Have fun at the Oscars and Good luck on your tests next week. HughE


I know I touched on this event before, but this event really was important to me. It was my dream event to shoot someday and I couldn't believe I was credentialed to shoot inside the tents. To be qualified you needed to have had two photos "Fashion Photos" published in the last 6 months. I got one right under the wire with Victoria Beckham, which was published in LOOK UK in December. I had always want to shoot the Red Dress event, as it was one of the first events I my "Fan" friends took me to see after I moved to NYC. So to actually be there that Friday morning two weeks ago to shoot it was just a dream come true for me. I had never shot a "fashion show" before and thankfully spent the night before doing a lot of research. I learned that the lights were "hot" enough to shoot without a flash. That's exactly what I did. As we go further in the week you will see the difference when I used flash, and when I realized that it was entirely too bright to do so. The photos came out great without the flash. Here is Jenna Fischer from The Office. Rita Moreno a latina legend, in fact a legend period. I got chills just watching her come down the red runway The finale and all the girls Sadly when Camryn Manheim walked the runway the first time I had no idea it was her and I didn't really take any photos. I really have to get those bifocals - lol The last act. Although I can't stand W, I was thrilled to see Laura Bush in person. Why she wore white on "Red Dress Day" just baffles my mind.
This was such a fun event and I am so glad that so many people video'd it so you can enjoy it too. The AP guy must have been right in front of me as the angle seems to be the same.

Thursday, February 14, 2008



Whether you are shooting an event or doing it paparazzi style there are two shots you must get. The fashion shot, which is head to toe, (and you guys know I have issues, I am always giving too much head [insert joke here] and not enough toe, as I cut them off ie see her left foot.) The other must shot is the head shot. When a celebrity is walking this quickly, and.or when I am having camera drama, like I did all week and will get into later, you can still get the headshot by cropping the "Fashion Shot", as I did here. Shooting with a 10 mgpxl camera allows for cropping a shot and still maintaining the integrity of the photo.
This is the shot that was published on Perez Hilton (see the Confessions entry two days ago), but before he wrote the words "Denied" on it. So out of this one shot you can actually get two salable shots. And why is miss thing carrying her fur if she doesn't want us to get that fashion shot? Happy Valentines Day, and thanks for reading me, I sure do appreciate it.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

YIKES I WOKE UP LATE, COULD YOU CHECK as I did an entry there; plus I need to download a resizer for my new computer, any suggestions? Thanks HughE

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Say what you want about Perez, but he is a force of nature with thousands of readers who get to see my work, even though it doesn't have my credit, but it does have WENN's. I took this Thursday night at the Waverly Inn, which is NYC's answer to the Ivy. It's owned by a celebrity, Vanity Fair publisher Graydon Carter, and celebrities frequent it. The part I don't like about going there is it is in the middle of a neighborhood, in fact Harvey Weinstein, Gretchen Moll, Liv Tyler and SJP all live in the environs, but for the half dozen time I have been there no one has come out to complain. Right before I shot this, Rachael said to Justin Campbell, "No you may not take my photo, it always ends up on Perez and he never draws a nice penis on my face!"

Monday, February 11, 2008


FASHION WEEK IS OVER AND IT WAS GREAT, TIRING, EXHILIRATING, AWESOME AND AS ALWAYS I enjoyed seeing my friends, acquaintances, meeting new people esp Justin Campbell from Buzz Photo - that kid is going to be great in this field if he just takes a chill pill, and learning my craft; oh and shooting celebrities. Did I mention I am in US Weekly on Pg 77 and today in the Philadelphia Inquirer pg. B2, oh and Perez Hilton - a Rachael Zoe shot, and countless other websites. THANKS KATIE AND SIMON FOR YOUR HOSPITALITY!!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Alexis Dziena at Planet Hollywood

I got into town about 2:30PM, dropped my stuff off at my friends and then went to Planet Hollywood for this event: Alexis Dziena at Planet Hollywood signing the movie's poster and then donating it to the resturaunt. They also named a sundae after her and the movie the "Alexis Dziena Fools Gold Sundae" It was gigantic and look delicious as I was starving. Check out the movie which opens today: OK its 4:30AM, I hope to get some sleep and then catch Project Runway sometime early AM

Thursday, February 07, 2008


I am just about to hop on my train to NYC. Hopefully I did enough research to find some of the people I missed last night when I was rejected by Madonna's press people. Actually almost everyone I know was rejected but 3 people. Some were lucky enough to get outside shots, I didn't think it would be possible so I skipped going at all. As for the next 36 hrs I hope I found all the important party info and can only hope most of the paps didn't get the info yet. Its always catch up time for me since I don't live there, I have to stay one step ahead of them. This is the last entry til next week. Thanks for coming. And if you have a tip send me an email.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I took it at the Red Dress event, the first "inside the Tent" fashion show for me, I was extremely nervous already. It's of Lisa Rinna shimminging for her husband Harry Hamlin who was in the front I was standing on a 4 foot high step stool with a 4 inch top step quivering as I was thinking I would fall at any minute and crash into the photographers next to me.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Before I get into what this photo is about, I have to tell you I took in on Friday night, well not the top photo, but the bottom one. In fact I am in the top photo to the right, as usual in my rush I am on the wrong side of my subject. Nonetheless I did correct myself. I would normally show you all the photos in the series, but I am back home in Philly working my day job, and I left my laptop with all my photos at my friends house as I will be back at Fashion Week on Thursday. I still have my day job, had I gotten in this racket 10 years ago, well maybe things would be different, but it's damn hard work, which I will write more about next week when I have all my photos with me. Anyway, Friday night I would have gone straight to Baby Phat, but it was pouring rain, the event was held at a nightclub, I was not credentialed to shoot it, even though I wrote a glowing love letter to Kimora, and the next time I see her I will tell her about it, she really is a sweetheart, anyway I got a call from a friend who was there and told me I should come by, the rain had stopped and things were looking good for exits. I left the Tents and dashed the 15 blocks to this event, even with the million cabs its hard to find one at 10PM in NYC on a Friday, so I get there, and of course go to the "stage door" thinking that is where everyone would leave, the VIPs I mean. Nope, it was the front. I catch my friends they tell me everyone that has left and I am disappointed in myself that I was slow, stupid and well lots of things, soaking wet being one of them. So Vivica Fox comes out, I'm excited, she's kinda B list now, working towards C List, but she looks fabulous and her next movie "Cover" will be premiering in Philly in a couple weeks and maybe the shoot will be picked up there, or heck I will just post it on my Philly Blog 'cause the movie was shot in Philly and that's a Philly thing. So my TMZ friend stops and asks her questions about Eve Mendes going into rehab (That's the latest craze I guess); it was a great opportunity for me as Vivica stopped to get face time. At the same time a "Fan" ie see yesterday's entry, starts yelling he wants "to get a picture with her", whe tells him off, and that's why my photos are so good because she's visibly disturbed. The best one isn't even here, 'cause I have one of her pointing at the guy who was yelling, and he was standing behind me.


Monday, February 04, 2008

Start Spreading the News

Behind the scene stories will begin this week, I will get sleep and my blisters will go away Here's a shot I took at the Heart Healthy Red Dress fashion show of Liza singing "New York, New York.

Friday, February 01, 2008


Coming back from an awesome Marc Jacobs Party around 1AM, I notice the folks next to me doing a little something extra in a cab as we both travelled up 6th Ave towards Central Park. I didn't think they had an expectation to privacy, I mean you should have seen the show they were putting on for their driver and the rest of us rubber neckers.
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