Saturday, May 31, 2008



My first time in ELLE Magazine Online. I love that I got the whole dress in, but hate that I didn't bend over a little bit more so it doesn't seem like I am standing on a ladder like I am.


Of course I am as sick as a dog again burning the candle at both ends, but I will rest today as I am on my way to NYC tomorrow to catch a few stars on parade. Thanks for putting me over the 200,000 mark in only 2 years 3 months, even though I have been slacking off on Confessions, but remember to check out as I will be posting there and also let me let you in on a site that is about a NYC working photographer that writes her blog and experiences with celebrities just like mine.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Jennifer Hudson visits The Beat 100.3 in Philadelphia to promote Sex and the City and her new CD

Thursday, May 22, 2008


See photos and youtube video of the interview at Demi has left Philadelphia and is in Romania filming her next movie. Jennifer finishes up filming this weekend and is then onto a romantic weekend with John Mayer at a non-disclosed location. I read that her last guy Vince Vaughn warned her that John was just using her to make a name for himself; that is how out of touch the one movie wonder Vaughn is, as John Mayer already dated Jessica Simpson, the tabloid queen who is by far more photographed then Jen. UPDATE: BUZZ FOTOS has the shot of John Mayer buying a camera for his secret rendezvous with Jen this weeknd.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I was reading my favorite Jennifer Aniston fan site yesterday, and came across the photos below that put this paparazzi to shame. Seems roxygr1223 did a kick ass job in capturing alot of shots that would whet anyone's Aniston appetite. So check out:



I drove to the town on Sunday and took a few photos too. I spoke to a photographer from Buzz Photo, Justin Campbell, who was on the scene for the shooting last night. He said it was crazy and the police basically had the town on lockdown.


He didn't know how the filming was even completed as there were at least 200 fans screaming for Jennifer's attention at any moment. When Jen drove by she would wave from the inside of her SUV, but sadly never opened her window to the cold and damp folks. image

Confessions should have a few photos from Justin sometime today as he was somewhat close having paid various residents money to hang out their windows above the film set to shoot. Seems they didn't evacuate the neighborhood, just secured the street level of pedestrians and cars. Rumor is Jen will be back in the coming weeks to complete filming on this street, but in the meantime will be somewhere in the countryside filming interior shots.


Amazing video from chewbaccagirl

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Grand Opening of Chef Eric Ripert 's 10 Arts Restaurant in Philadelphia, Pa

See the coverage at: and see "About Last Night"...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Photo: Jennifer Aniston Bodyguard body check photographer Marley & Me


This was a tough shot to get as her bodyguards roughed me up a bit, grabbing my camera lens and trying to twist it to break it. Three bodyguards Jen, you would think that you would want your photo taken considering Angelina is having twins and is all over the press. Furthermore, Demi walks around Philly without bodyguards and you need three just to block photos and rough up lone photographer who was polite enough to ask for the photo. What's up with that? (I have sold the photos of the beat down, so I can't post them here).. UPDATE: it further irritates me that People Online posted a glowing tidbit on how wonderful jen was to the waitress' at El Vez and then they used a photo of Jen from the week before dining at the Waverly - UGG how misleading.,,20201183,00.html UPDATE: SEE ME ON THE LOCAL NEWS BEING INTERVIEWED ABOUT BEING A PAPARAZZI IN PHILADELPHIA under Thursday.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Catch up with my life at Philly Chit Chat Marley & Me Owen Wilson Photos Philadelphia where I covered Marley & Me Owen Wilson and Eric Dane in Photos this week. I will return to Confessions sometime next week, but I do confess a bit on Philly Chit Chat. Thanks HughE

Tuesday, May 13, 2008



How excited am I that a photo I took of Demi Moore in Philadelphia, Pa last week, ended up in People Magazine Online today.  It was accompanied by a story about Demi, Ashton and family eating at the Continental Restaurant.  I knew about this meal, but it was Mother's Day and I just couldn't do it, plus I did make that promise to Demi that I would never shoot her again for the rest of her stay, and that to me includes the kids.  As the other paparazzo is moving to NYC soon, it will be up to me to capture these moments.  Tonight I was waiting for Jennifer Anniston, but she didn't check in yet, and now from the story at the top I see she's in Orlando with John Mayer.  Brrr it was cold out there on the sidewalk.


As we got into position to shoot from "The Right Side Of the House, we started to walk down the ailse on the right side of RCMH. I heard Patti bring to the stage the Bluebelle's, Sarah Dash and Non Hendryx ("Keep it Confidential" baby). They went into "Lady Marmalade". Afterwards Labelle announced that she and and former groupmates have returned to the studio to work on a new album and will be touring this summer. (They have turned to a combination of old and new to help them mastermind their return to the charts; Philadelphia soul pioneers Gamble + Huff and rocker Lenny Kravitz) (So I am a little less pissed off at Miss Ross at this moment, because I wouldn't have been able to sneak this photo from the back of the house) To find out the rest of the story.... as some of you know I mentioned recently that I would be phasing out this blog at some point. Although that might not happen today, I will be cutting back on it. I am really concentrating on my Philly Blog, and will be spending a lot more time in Philly. I have big plans in the works and the readership for my Philly Blog had tripled in the last few months, and well I live in Philly and want to do with Philly what I did on a national level with Confessions. SO if I shoot a celebrity in Philly, or a Philly celebrity, well I will be putting them in Philly Chit Chat. I still do have confessions but not today, or probably this week, I have gigs every night here on out, and as it is, it's 2:30AM now. Bed time.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Conan goes to LA to replace Jay Leno on the Tonight Show. I shot both of these a week ago. Conan outside of the Caryle Hotel about 9PM Jimmy Fallon at Butter, when leaving George Clooney's birthday party. Jimmy is funny as hell. Conan a little quirky, but funny. Thank god someone will still be using that studio and their will be stars to shoot as they exit.
The announcement should come today at the NBC presentation to the advertisers in NYC. I won't be there, it'll be a monsoon.

Friday, May 09, 2008


I heard the crowds were enormous, but even I was stunned by how many Claymates were at the stage door of Spamalot. I believe Clay felt the love, and probably saved Spamalot, which has had a very healthy run on Broadway for about 5 years, but seems to be sputtering out.
And out of the gate he came, signing at a ferocious speed, making all the girls, and a few boys hearts flutter. I wish Clay looked up, but he was concentrating on signing all those playbills in the front row.In a recent interview Clay stated that he would rather hang around with his dogs then go to a bar and talk to strangers (hmm what about the internet Clay?) What about one of these adoring fans?
He also mentioned to New York Magazine that he thinks he has no sexual urges. (What kind of nonsense is that? I think that costume is messing with him. Someone get that boy a Viagra and a jager. (NY MAG))
Occasionally he would get 2nd or 3rd row, but most folks just had to make due with a glimpse of Clay. I wish I had a video, as the orgasmic screams of the mostly women and a few smattering of men, was deafening. with just a few minutes of signing it was over. Clay loves us and he it's back in the closet, er stage door for Clay
I later learned that a lot of these folks got in line at Virgin Records in Times Square, to wait in line for 48 hrs to meet and greet their idol as he signed his new CD (which I'll buy too, because I love him)

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Claudia Schiffer At The MET Gala Costume Ball & Valentino

The twosome make their way down the grand staircase of the MET MuseumThe Trumps are behind them, Kimora Lee and Djimon Hounsou are leading the pack at the bottom of the stairs, Claudia notices that someone is stepping on her dress, and she reaches over with the longest arm I have ever seen on a human being embarassed the guy smooths out her dress and on her way she goes, but I will never get over the site of those octopus arms

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

MUSINGS ABOUT THE MET GALA COSTUME BALL or Princess Leia makes a comeback

The Devil Wears Prada herself in a Princess Leia inspired ensemble, Anna Wintour making her way down the Met Museum steps with her daughter, Scarlett O'Hara er I mean Bee Schaffer. How many ex-husbands can you fit under that dress? The back of Princess Leia's dress

Friday, May 02, 2008

My Annual Post Tribute to my Dad - We believe in Guardian Angels or Spirits and now you might too!!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Mariah Gets Married to Nick Cannon OMG

Mariah marries Nick Cannon. Maybe that was their engagment party last week at Mr Chows where I photographed them. See photos under Wednesday, hmm or Thursday. Maybe she married him to top off the incredible week she had and to forget that she is about to be knocked off the #1 spot by Madonna's Hard Candy!!

I DIDN'T LIKE MY KRISTEN BELL SHOTS, but you wanted to see them

but first Annabella Sciorra was tehre too Chevy Chase and some kind of offspring. We never did get the name. It was an odd pose. I have shot him before, he is SNLegend but odd. Surprise on the red carpet, and a terrible poser Kristen Bell. I wish she stood a little closer to me. I wish she did the over the shoulder pose. I made a mistake and positioned myself in an area that was spacious, and with folks I wanted to chat with as I waited for the event to start. Unfortunately, it was also the last press pen before video/media, so the celebs were tired when they got to me. and they were quick to walk by
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