Saturday, January 28, 2006

Current Movie Reviews and Oscar Contenders

The Oscars are in town, actually they are on display in Times Square at 44th and Broadway. On Feb 2 they will be heading to LA LA land to be given out on March 5. They are not inscribed yet, but if I had my way the following movies/stars would get one. BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN WITH HEATH LEDGER & JAKE GYLLENHAALNEED need I say more. Saw it 2xs. The 2nd time was much better as I really paid attention to what they were saying. I saw Heath Ledger at the premiere, but missed a good shot when he was signing for the autograzzi's and ignored the one fan truly there for him, I do have a nice picture of his and Michelle's back and head. A few frigid weeks later I saw him leaving GMA. He had just been nominated for a Golden Globe a few minutes before, I wished him well (I was proabably the first fan to do so, do I get a toaster? (BB should win for best picture) The best line in any romance movie has to be “I wish I knew how to quit you,” a frustrated Jack Twist (Jake Gyllenhaal) tells his not-so-easy lover, Ennis del Mar (Heath Ledger).

Capote - Good movie, but excellent job by Phillip Seymour Hoffman (he should win the Best Actor Oscar). I saw him in Sept at the Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf play. That's Kathleen Turner's head on the lower right. He scared her when he went up to her; after he left she said, "Who is he?" I'm sure she knows who he is now! Felicity Huffman (Best Actress Oscar without a doubt), what a class act. I saw TransAmerica TWICE. It was awesome. She does a brillant job. It's not in wide release yet, but when it comes to your town run don't walk to see it. She's really that good. (Quiin the Letterman cop is in the background. He's tough, but fair) KING KONG was so much better than I anticipated. The 3 hours flew by. The love triangle was tastfully done. Who knew that the Pianist could be such a sex symbol. (Best Special Effects) Toys R Us Times Square - it also features an indoor Ferris Wheel. KING KONG Running time: 187 minsStarring: Naomi Watts, Jack Black, Adrien Brody, Andy Serkis, Jamie Bell, Kyle Chandler, Colin Hanks (pictued below), Thomas Kretschmann

Good night, Good Luck and Syriana two good George Clooney movies. I overheard GC's limo driver saying that GC is not to happy about the gay cowboy movie and the fact that he has a chance of losing best director to Ang Lee. He further went on to say that GC regretted releasing two excellent films so close to each other, and wishes he held back on Syriana for the next year.

Although I think BB is awesome, I would like to see GC win for Best Director. This guy has class, is really good to his fans by signing and posing and I have seen him hug little old ladies too.

WALK THE LINE - I can't find my Joaquin Phoenix & Reese Witherspoon photos, they must be in offsite storage. JP signs and poses with fans, RW didn't when I saw her, although I know she was in a hurry to her next interview. It was amazing. The best movie I have seen so far this year. I immediately went to Times Square and bought the Soundtrack and a Johnny Cash CD. Hmm I already gave out these awards. These two are young, they can win for some silly movie in the future, like Whoppi did for Ghost or Liz Taylor for Butterfield 8.

China fears Memoirs of a Geisha may spark anti-Japanese sentiment. Memoirs stars Chinese actor Zhang Ziyi, now a bona fide Hollywood star thanks to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and House of Flying Daggers, as a girl from a poor fishing village who is sold to a geisha house and rises through the ranks to become the most celebrated geisha in Kyoto. The film also features Malaysian actor Michelle Yeoh as her mentor and mainland Chinese superstar Gong Li as a venomous rival. - Didn't see it, didn't read it, but it will win for Best Costumes.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ivanna out on the town with a friend. She looks great, but is she wearing skunk? Today was a perfectly good example of the email I sent yesterday about GMA never announcing their schedule of who is on, plus they are sly as a fox and they never announce which celebs are there until 8AM (Tip #1), At 8 AM they always do a remote with a live audience outside their studios so they can get a shot of Times Square (Tip #2). Mike calls me and wakes me up about 7:45AM. I turn on GMA, and sure enough at 8AM they announce that Dick Van Dyke is in their studio. I quickly get ready for work, I dash out the door, past the crew waiting for stand-by tickets at Regis & Kelly and down the subway station stairs headed for the #1 train. As luck and good timing would have it, I make it in time to see Dick leave the stage door. I shoot, he signs and I am off to work!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Diane from Berger is working on the project this week. It's been awhile since we have worked together. Yesterday I told her I had a big week for us. First we went to see Walk the Line - WOW it was just awesome. My father would have loved to see the biography of his favorite singer. Afterwards began what Diane (& my other co-workers) like to call my Celebrity Whore Junket. First off we went to the stage door of Chicago where Robin Givens and Mr. Peterman, Mr Dancing with the Stars himself what's his name, O'Hurley hmm. Then on Tuesday, we had an early dinner and it was off to a show that I had seen last month called The Dancers Dance with Chita Rivera. She had a special guest star and there was a huge crowd waiting for his autograph. Diane got to meet some of the professional autograzzi that I have to deal with everytime I attend an event . She agrees that a are wicked nasty bunch that would push their mother aside to get their picture "Inked" as they say. DICK VAN DYKE, sadly he didn't sign for anyone and the autograzzi jumped in their cars chasing him back to his hotel. Chita Rivera always a class act Then it was off to check out the stars from the 1st night of previews for Barefoot in the Park with Amanda Peet, Patrick Wilson, Jill Clayburgh and Tony Roberts. I hope to see it next week, the comments from the crowd were that its a funny show and enjoyable. Check out Patrick Wilson

Saturday, January 21, 2006

NO PICTURES OF MR. CONNICK PLEASE!! After waiting 90 minutes for him to come out these were the last words I wanted to hear. I protested by saying "Even the great divas Bernadette Peters and Liza Minnelli allow us to take their photos", NO PICTURES, of any kind he retorted. I ignored him and shot a few without a flash and a final one with flash.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

From the NY Post 1/19/05, the Cindy Adams Column -YOU know about tonight's Hermes gala - 150 VIPs from Moby to Bowie - honoring Lou Reed since, for some reason, his art will be displayed there, right? When stalking celebs, always make sure your camera is in the proper mode. Cindy Adams was patient (and probably excited someone wanted to take her photo), but after two crappy shots she left me.

I know my name is on your list.... Atomsphere.....

Julian Schnabel - Director


I said, Hey babe, Take a walk on the wild side I said, Hey honey, Take a walk on the wild side and the colored girls say,doo do doo do doo do do doo - Lou Reed with his GF Laurie Anderson (I've seen her in concert 3 x's, she's wild)

The Crew in NYC

I work with between 3 and 6 people on any given time on the project I am doing in NYC (Crazy Suzanne and the occassional Diane are missing from this photo). We work, we go to lunch, we talk about life. I know that one of the attorneys likes Kate Beckinstall (accidently mispronouced all day). I invited him to join me on one of my insane celebrity stalking missions. Kate Beckinsale will be at Letterman I said, if we don't see her there we can go to MTV's TRL, or hang outside her hotel The Ritz. We leave work a little later than I like and quickly walk the 12 blocks to Letterman. There's already a large crowd of testostorone Kate hungry guys waiting, most holding plastic bags or fed-ex envelopes containing pictures of their trophy girl. Some are fans, but most are professional autograzzi's who will receive between $20 - $30 for each photo they get signed and sell to the various agencies who will turn around and sell them to the fans. (At least we know most of the signed photos sold on Ebay are for real) After waiting about 15 mins in the cold, Darin is anxious, and states he can't believe these (mouths losers, [wait I'm a loser too]) guys run around the City to obtain these signatures, and he points to the paparrazi across the way grouping them with the other loosers which he now verbalizes. Obviously he is not experiencing the rush of excitement that I am feeling. I thought hmm I have to deal with these losers on a daily basis let me put some space between Darin and me, I abandon him and cross over to the dark side where the paparzzi hang (their story is a least a couple pages long that I must tell at another time.) Another 10 minutes and Kate finally exits the stage door.

The autograzzi are pigs with their pictures sometimes getting five signed at a time. Kate poses for the Paparazzi. Most are freelancers who are represented by agencies or sell to Stock companies.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A SERIES OF PHOTOS My NUMERO UNO favorite STAR - Carol Burnett

The Producer's premiere in December. Damn those cops for making me take the pictures from across the street. I think Matthew and Uma are perfectly lined up with their names on the poster behind them. It's ashame their movie is tanking. I think Mike and I are the only two people in the world who didn't like the play. In early December, Whoppi, Mayor Bloomburg, Lucy Liu and Quincy Jones kick off the Holiday Shopping by lighting the Tiffany Star that hangs over the intersection of 57th and Fifth Ave.

ROSS from the Tonight Show

Barbara Walters, a Class act. It was freezing out and she was gracious enough to pose for me. In September I saw Liz Hurley on her way to hosting a Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Event. Poor girl, the event planners didn't have any security and Liz was completely surrounded by paparrazi, fans and people like me who obssessively collect celeb photos. Poor Heather G. they cancelled her series after 1 show. Heather is a nice star. She signs and poses for photos. Jim Carey doing a sketch w/Rupert at Hello Deli for the Letterman Show. I didn't make it over before he did this scene, but I hear he signed autographs and posed for photos. Christine Baranski at the Memories of a Giesha premiere in December. I just think she is terrific.

Star Jones just saying the name is enough to make people loose their lunch.

Suz says she's a pig.

Jennifer tells me to never mention her name in front of her again.

Christine says she's hiding something.

You're damn right she's hiding something. Everytime I have seen her at an event in NYC she either has this dog on her arm or her gay husband while going into the event, but she leaves alone.

I saw her on Larry King the other day. If I didn't hate her so much, and know that she was a phony, I would actually think that her book had something to offer. I especially hate how she used to be the spokesperson for the fat women, then she got the surgery, and now refuses to tell people how she lost her weight. Hmm.

This is STAR ignoring me on 1/4 after appearing on Good Morning America. She's a bitch, and I am not just basing it on this photo. I saw her after she attended the Denise Rich Angel Ball in December, and she left alone toting 3 gift bags.

DOES ANYONE LIKE THIS WOMEN, I want to know if I am missing something?

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