Sunday, February 26, 2006

Who is this guy?

Everytime I go to event, he seems to end up in my photos?

Country Singers I have seen in February

Lee Ann Rimes and husband. She's on the Nicole Ritchie diet. Tanya Tucker is still around. Thats her daughter to her right. Tanya was 30 minutes late for the Manual Fashion Show. I heard the stage manager yell that TT wasn't even famous enough and didn't even know why they had to hold the show for her. Lee Ann Womack. She's just a tiny thing, very nice and she had her 18 year old daughter with her, who's already signed to be a supermodel. Lee Ann Womack's husband, Frank Liddell, played Jerry Lee Lewis in the recent movie "Walk the Line" (Who's soundtrack I am listening to RIGHT NOW!!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Finally able to fulfill a request

The one request my biggest fan (my sister Janine) had was to get a photo of Matthew Fox. After 7 months of waiting for Matthew Fox, he finally showed up all over town. First he was at Letterman, than Regis and Kelly and I caught him at GMA.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

This Segment Dedicated to my friend Tim

Who loves Nicolette Sheridan, here seen running 30 mins late for Regis & Kelly. There's nothing fake about Tim, but here's a fake Paris who fooled a few people during fashion week and got front row seats and comp'd into VIP parties a couple times. The real Nicky Hilton was there though. Finally, I don't know a bigger Martha fan than Tim (OK maybe his bf affectionately known as Tim2). I was excited to finally land a photo of Martha.
My coworker, Diane and I leave the highly overrated Planet Hollywood (her choice, I had never stepped foot in the place before.) We exit out onto Times Square at 11:30PM. I take a few photos of The Great White Way even though I have seen the street a million times, and have shot it at least a half million. We cross, I see a women with a dog, just as another women bends down. The 2nd women has distinct curly red hair. She is beautiful even with very little make-up on. It's Bernadette Peters. She was with friends, and she looked great. It wasn't lost on me that today is Valentine's Day and it's only been 5 months since her husband was tragically killed (Her husband, Michael Wittenberg died in a helicopter crash in Montenegro, Europe on September 26, 2005. An investment advisor, he was reportedly on a business trip.) She pets the dog and asks the owner a few questions. It's a English Bull dog, she's from Ohio, here for the Westminster Dog Show, "Oh right" Bernadette says. Have a nice night, she says as she turns towards her friends who have hailed a cab going up 45th Street. A street vendor says "Ms Peter's you look beautiful, I love your work, please accept this purse as a Valentine's gift", she thanks him, but declines, he insists and she accepts the cute red bag, and gracefully climbs into the waiting cab.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

On my way to work this morning...

I was a little late for work, but then made it up by working til almost 9PM

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Blizzard 2006 NYC

I think they did a great job of shoveling the snow in the Lincoln Center area (11AM) After waiting 30 mins into a potential 2 hr wait for Spamalot cancellation tickets, I gave up and went to TKTS for 1/2 price tickets to Sweeney Todd. Central Park trees near Columbus Circle (1PM) These guys work hard. Cars can barely get around and this guys on a bike delivering someone their dinner. 71st Street between Columbus and CPW (8PM).

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Who's Over Compensating car is this?

Who's over compensating by driving this Rolls Royce?

Is it Puff Daddy, P Diddy's or Diddy? (He believes you can wear white after Labor Day) Jenna Jamason, who believes you can wear barely nothing in 20F weather. (I know it may come as a shock, but I had no idea who this women was (I thought she was Pamela Anderson's little sister) - Dancing led to nude modeling, and by her 20th birthday Jenna had appeared in dozens of top men's mags, including Penthouse, Hustler, High Society and Cheri. Since 1994, she has appeared in over 90 movies. She remains one of the most popular pornstresses in the industry today. (She seemed to be really nice, and very accomodating to her legions of male fans screaming her name as she walked the Bryant Park "Red Carpet".) Lindsey Lohan makes another appearence. She's on her way to the Child Magazine fashion show which features her little sister and brother (I purposely did not shoot them).

Strutting the runway was 50 Cent's son, Marquise, Lindsay Lohan's little sister, Aliana and and brother Dakota, and Russell & Kimora Simmons 2 girls. I like what had to say about this show. Isn't Child magazine supposed to be about how to raise cherubic children to be perfectly preppy and refined? Why, oh why would you host a fashion show in which childhood almost stars strut their potential to become vapid drug and bulimia induced half-adults? $.50 and bodyguard. This was the day after someone from his posse shot Busta Ryhmes body guard. (Nice people, good role model) Naomi Campbell. Everytime I saw this Biatch this year, she was a stuck up Biatch. Unlike 6 monyhs ago when she was really great (& much hotter) to the fans.

Winter 2006 Fall 2005

AND THE WINNER of the gas guzzling RR is Kimora Simmons. Kimora is 29, a former supermodel, the wife of hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, and the self-styled First Lady of Hip-Hop. "I feel like Coretta Scott King," she told me, speeding in her Bentley to an event for her husband's Hip-Hop Summit Action Network last fall. Co-hosting the talk show Life & Style, Sony Television's homegirl version of The View. ("I hate it!" she told me. "I thought it would be fun! I'm not used to having a boss. I'm the boss. I don't need the money. I'm filthy fucking rich!") We start talking about how cold it is in New York. "I stay out of the fur conversation," says Kimora. "I wear fur and if somebody throws shit on me I'm gonna whup your ass! I wish somebody would throw shit on me." The Phat Life "The bitches" have been a constant theme in Russell and Kimora's 12-year relationship. "I am not the kind of girl that gets in trouble," Kimora said. "You will never find somebody who can say, 'Well, I don't like that bitch. I came home one day and she was giving my man (this is a PG rated blog).' I'm not that kind of girl. "I'm a girl's girl. I'm a woman's woman. I'm a cool girl. I'm not a bitch. There's a difference. And the girls that try to take him are bitches. And I know every one of them in my mind." "Oooooh," she says, running long fingers over her new Louis Vuitton bag. Kimora gets very intense when handling or discussing handbags or diamonds. Or shoes. "Look." She opens a heavy brown shoe box to show me the shiny brown stilettos she's also buying tonight. "I thought about buying them, but then I didn't, and they kept them for me," she says quickly, reverently stroking a shoe as a smiling French saleswoman looks on. Kimora is said to have the largest collection of Louis Vuitton in the world. We start talking about how cold it is in New York. "I stay out of the fur conversation," says Kimora. "I wear fur and if somebody throws shit on me I'm gonna whup your ass! I wish somebody would throw shit on me." The two men strolling behind us are often with Kimora: BJ Coleman, the publicist for Baby Phat, who's carrying Kimora's four-foot-long Louis Vuitton shopping bag, and Jack McCue, her lawyer and manager, who was carrying her daughter Ming Lee. "Ming Lee want Daddy to buy you a boat?" says McCue, seeing the child's gaze turning toward the yachts anchored along the pier. "She doesn't need Daddy to buy her a boat—Mommy can buy her one," Kimora says, frowning. (Vanity Fair excerpts 2004)

Personally I have heard lots of Diva biatch stories about Kimora, but the 10 times I have seen her in the last few years, I have to say she poses and she signs so I have no problem with her. KIMORA SIMMONS

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Marg Cooley and I spend lots of hours discussing these people

ABC Daytime Soaps Salute BROADWAY CARES & EQUITY FIGHTS AIDS Renee Goldsbury, One Life to Live (Nominated for an Emmy) I just saw her in the Color Purple broadway show last month. I told her she was great, and I just bought the soundtrack. David Canary did Adam who did Stewart for a fan on the line. (AMC) Bobbie Eakes, All My Children (Nominated for an Emmy) Trevor St. John- Todd Manning One Life to Live Jacob Young plays JR on All My Children Vincent Irizarry as David Hayward on All My Children Catherine Hickland - Lindsey (Used to be married to David Hasselhoff who played Michael Knight on Knight Rider, remember the suped up car; she is currently married to Michael Knight from All My Children) Aiden Turner plays Aiden on All My Children Rick Hearts of General Hosp.


RITCHIE RICH - HEATHERETTE I love the Heatherette house of fashion. It reminds me of my youth running about in Philly, the Hamptons, AC, Cherry Hill and of course NYC. I never attained Kid Club status, but observed from the sidelines as I was believe it or not TOO Uptight to just get that WILD. Last year I caught the action from stage door, and this year I was there again. Next year I hope to somehow get a ticket to the show. It's a tough ticket to get, and it's a must you get there on time or you'll be left out in the cold like Paris Hilton and Janice Dickenson. "Put your finger on a map of downtown New York City and you can feel the pulse of Heatherette. Richie Rich and Traver Rains have created a lifestyle brand that truly cultivates the popstar in everyone. Glitter, sequins, and dreams have driven Heatherette every step of the way, transforming them from the quintessential downtown buzz brand to a respected and revered player in the fashion industry. Heatherette will take you from the red carpet to the street, uptown downtown and every stop along the way. “THIS IS HEATHERETTE!” Ann Slater has been on the scene for many years.Susanne Bartsch (I used to attend parties thrown by her in the early '90s)
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