Friday, November 30, 2007

EVEL KNIEVEL DEAD, my secretary screamed????

It's hard when ICONs who influenced you in your lifetime start dying off, you feel your mortality. He was my first hero when I was just a little tyke growing up in Cherry Hill, NJ. All the neighborhood kids got together and built bicycle ramps and jump trashcans. RIP Evil, you crazy dude!Evil was just in the news earlier this week: Kanye and Knievel Throw Hatchet Into, CA - Nov 27, 2007After accusing Kanye West of using his image "promote his filth to the world," Evel Knievel has "amicably" settled his lawsuit with the rapper, ...Evel Knievel, Kanye West Settle Lawsuit ABC NewsKANYE, EVIL KNIEVEL SETTLE LAWSUIT: Famo... posted at 4:30PM It's true here's the first story I finally came across at 4:50PM -

Thursday, November 29, 2007


A rare convergence of celebrity will be occuring this weekend and early next week in NYC. First I must say I promised the people in my life I would slow down and take a few weeks, then it turned into months, now its back to days off from running up to NYC to shoot the stars, but with the amazing line up this weekend thru Tuesday I had to go back on my word, so WHAT DO JOHNNY DEPP, NICOLE KIDMAN, KIERA KNIGHTLY AND MADONNA HAVE IN COMMON They are all involved in premieres this weekend through Tuesday in NYC Unfortunately for me it's supposed to snow, and if there's one thing I can't stand it's the cold, then the snow, and then celebrities with coats on. I know it's true they sometimes pose in the cold without their coats, but I don't see Madonna doing that. First up - Nicole and the Golden Compass on Sunday night. Time of arrival 6:30PM. Fans will stand across the street. I can't guarantee a visit like Lindsay Lohan did at the Georgia Rules premiere ora graph like Terrence Howard did just a few weeks ago at August Rushno for Nicole it will just be a wave, she's shyOn the otherhand expect Johnny Depp to greet his fans. He is the most generous celeb right up there with George Clooney, Angelina Jolie and Tom Cruise Sweeney Todd premiere Monday 8PM at the Zigfield on 54th Street. I suggest you get there by 6PM, and bring a small step stool. When readers of my blog start writing me for info and sending me tips, then I know this thing is going to be big. The other events are highly confidential and not for public consumption. There are some things I can't divulge. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sometimes I miss just hanging out and shooting celebrities with the "Photo With" Fans

We always got the most spontaneous shots, like this one with the freezing Molly Shannon and a fan.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I always thought that paparazzi used brackets, it's probably just a red carpet thing to get fashion? In NYC they really demand it, and you know the photo comes out nice too as its not a cross flash. Does this mean that PerezHilton actually paid for this footage, since it has his name on it? And is it public property since it's on YouTube? Anyway if you haven't seen this video of the paparazzi going crazy on Paris, Nicky and Nicole here it is:

Monday, November 26, 2007


To the people on my email list, I changed my mind and put the post on my as some of the post was Philly related. To everyone thanks a bunch for continuing to read all my blogs, especially for supporting Confessions for almost two years now. - HughE

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hayden Panettiere: 2005 Fast Forward: 2007

When I first moved to NYC, I wasn't so savy on celebs or even upcoming celebs. I remember this girl leaving the stage door of the Tents down at Bryant Park during Fashion Week in 9/05. I had no idea who whe was, and neither did the other paps, but her PR said she was doing a pilot for a show that would be on the following year and it would be big. She posed for a lot of photos, alone and with her brother, and when the mom caught up to them (back there in the floral colors), she posed too. I didn't bother getting a great shot, what a mistake. Here are the trio today. Hayden promoting children's charities in Philadelphia, signing autographs for customers at McDonalds. The proceeds to benefit Ronald McDonald house. In the bacground is her mom and brother. How happy is she that "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World", Heroes was a success!! To see more photos, and her who else was with her check out and have a great Thanksgiving!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007


These two girls (blue dress and maroon outfit) are well on their way to stardom as it seems like they have picked the right agentOn most Red Carpets an agent will just announce their clients name, I have never seen an agent go the extra mile and spell out the name as she did here at Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium premire earlier this week Then she did the same thing as she got the girls an invite to the "August Rush" premiere two hours later. And of course this agent knows the ropes and had the girls change their outfits to walked this "Red Carpet". With all this help, it'll be no time before they make the glossies "Hot or Not" fashion pages. forever friends today, hopefully not the next Paris and Nicole of tomorrow.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Macy's New York Holiday Windows Preview

Last Thursday as I was rushing to the 11PM train back to Philly, I caught the windows at Macy's with their wrap off as the window dressers were doing a run through for Nov 27th "Big Reveal." Check out this kids t-shirt, it was much warmer in NYC last week than it is today Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

PARIS HILTON BIGGER THAN LIFE just trying to find her way in this world

The crowds arrived early for the signing that was scheduled at 5PM We were entertained by a DJ and the occasional trivia questions? "Which movies have Paris been in?" Surprisingly no one said her infamous one "One Night In Paris." Paris arrives at 6:15PM
Airbrush much? There are two things wrong with this picture, Paris' cream colored dress against the cream color background, and the asshole amateur photographer with the flying nun elbows
there was a velevet "press" rope, but he leaned into it at least 4 feet blocking most of my full length fashion "money shots". I would love to see his shots, we were 15 feet from her, and he didn't even have an external flash, although I was impressed by his "photographer's vest." then there's the folks who don't use flash brackets. I did have a conversation with someone who doesn't use the bracket, and he does news. The interesting thing is that most news photos are horizontal and celebrity photos are vertical. Cover shots have to be vertical, most photos in the glossies are vertical. It's celebrity photography 101 to shoot with a bracket and take the shot vertically. That way your flash is still on top of the camera and you don't get a side shadow. After a bit the PR moved the press out and the fans in Paris greeted the fans with waves, hugs and handshakesThere were lots of interesting fans (you can read about this one at but the most interesting of all wasSister Mary Heid, who told me that Paris is just a young girl trying to find her way in this world

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


No matter where I shoot, the true fans have a great kinship for their idols. The women in the foreground in red is in a wheelchair and found out that the only way she could meet the Boyz was to buy a CD. She didn't have the money, and after a few moments the guy in the blue bought her the CD. It was really an amazing gesture, but at the same time I was surprised that the chick in the wheelchair didn't have $14 bucks.
Boyz II Men preformed a few hits before they commenced signing their new CD "Motown Hitsville USA"Here Wanya Morris greets the women who's basement he practiced singing and dancing in while growing up in Southwest PhillyIt was funny when this guy walked up with this big poster and a handful of CD's to get signed. I heard the Boyz II Men handlers say here comes potential trouble. They surrounded him and stood on the side of him in case of trouble. Then when he requested a photo with them, they complied and the manager took the photo. It was the only time the signing process was interupted for such an event.Nathan sports some blingI always resort to those street shots, I am a paparazzi at heart. Here's Shawn Stockman making his way to the van that will take the Boyz to NYC Nathan Morris styles out to the van finally Wanya Morris strolls to the waiting van Sorry for the spotty coverage on my blog. My dreams have come true and I am a paparazzi as I set out to be last December 2006 (and I work a full time day job too); now I don't have all the time in the world to do my blog, as I did when I lived in NYC (8/05 - 12/06) and was just a fan with a camera, but don't fret I am taking a few weeks off from trips to NYC (ie winter vacation) and will have more time to write about events dating all the way back to Fashion Week. There are so many stories to tell, behind the scene info and of course I am now finding my way through the Philly Paparazzi scene, and its like starting over. It's a bitch.
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