Monday, March 31, 2008


Today's my one year anniversary since I got my first photo published. A lot has happened in that year.

I love my photographer friends in NYC, and they have been incredibly supportive, but the truth is, I am never going to quit my daytime job and I am never going to pursue being a paparazzi full time, currently it's entirely too much work to do both, and frankly it is really a difficult job with an uncertainty of a payoff in the end. The waiting around for a celebrity in the cold, and skipping meals, and bathroom breaks, the research it takes to get the exclusives and as for the traveling to the Big Apple it's a killer for me; Most importantly because I spend double the amount of time doing "work" I seem to be missing a lot of my life while photographing others living their lives. Because of my all out pursuit of celebrity photography I have missed my other true loves like shooting landscapes, nature, wild life, my greeting card business, photo exhibits, socializing with friends, to seeing my nieces and nephews (which is now relegated to holidays), to visiting family, to going to the beach, to the mountains, to spending time with friends, relaxation, to sleeping in late, to going to bed early, to learning things, to not be rushed, to a clean desk, to not obsessing on whether a photo will be published or not and then the dealings with other photographers and the business, trying to get credentialed at an event, dealing with rejection, or dealing with putting my life on hold so I can attend an event (below Halle Barry, my 2nd major photo published People Online) In other words, I'm burned out, and who didn't see that coming - LOL

I had a BLAST, BLAST, BLAST, but in a few months it will end as a full time gig. I have bigger things on my horizon, I have my Philly Chit Chat blog; I've been approached to do something in Philly that will make a difference, it's partly a charitable pursuit, so it's a line of business that might suit this thin skinned paparazzi better. I will promise you this, I will not retire until I get my Madonna shot. Which will actually be a nice ending to my book "Chasing Madonna" or ok I guess I will call it "Confessions of a Paparazzi", because Margarita was right, that's what I am. And as Margarita knows, when I discussed it with her earlier this week, I am sure the chapter on this book will not close forever, I still have my favorite events, I just won't feel so compelled to do all of them just so I have something to write about on Confessions, everyday. I will of course be writing on Philly Chit Chat everyday, so if you miss me I will be there. In the meantime I still have a good four months left of Confessions, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Sure I'm exhausted and sick this week, but hey I have had a lot of stuff published including these three shots in the Philadelphian Inquirer. Great entertainment stories and news about movies being film in Philadelphia, including the Lauren Graham / Jeff Daniels movie, the Luke Wilson, Owen Wilson, Jennifer Anniston Movie, and the Transformer movie, really they are all going to be filmed in Philadelphia. Also information on an appearance by Julie Andrews. So check out this link and read about Phillywood events.




Friday, March 28, 2008


Chelsea Clinton looking more like Hillary these days than Bill, thank God. Story and more photos at (You don't think I can go to bed at 3AM and then get up for work at 8AM and fit two blog entries in, do you?) Have a great weekend. I will update the Lauren Graham movie experience over the weekend in between gigs. Who's going to NYC for the Rolling Stones screening on Sunday?

Thursday, March 27, 2008


GREAT write up with photos my friend John Taggart shot here:


You know when I was a kid Kate Hudson's dad, was in a very popular kids TV show. Her dad divorced her mom when she was three, and later he married Cindy Williams of the Laverne and Shirley show. I shot this during fashion week. I got here late as I was covering something over at Planet Hollywood. I didn't have my ladder, and a little hint, you have to have a ladder to shoot the Letterman show. This particular night about 40 photographers were there. I like the shot, even though she isn't looking at me. I like her raincoat with the big bow, er knot.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Only two photographers were there, me and my buddy John. John has been in the news business for about 12 years. He went to school to be a photojournalist. He's got that eye for capturing just the right shot. I remember when he went in to get this shot. I could have followed him in, but I knew that it was his "Money Shot". Today it was published in Us Magazine.

GIRL POWER! America Ferrera campaigned for Hillary Clinton at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania on March 22. Us Weekly Magazine Online John Taggart - On The Move - (Update: Someone just email me to say one of my shots was in In Style: I am over the f-ing moon as I was trying to get a shot in there for a year. You'll recall that I wrote Monday about the all important "Fashion Shot" that I got,,20185961_20428787,00.html

Monday, March 24, 2008


See if you can tell what is wrong with this lame video. I hope they paid a pretty penny for it. I thought they were a news station. This is paparazzi video.


Saturday I hung out with America Ferrera. A friend and I drove out to Bryn Mawr College to hear a panel discussion on women and politics. We were excited as we were the only two photographers. I am always surprised when this happens and it either says that photographers don't do their research and only go on tips that are readily published or given to them by their agencies. Secondly, laziness is something that I know suffer from. This week I had a call from a publisher in NYC who wanted to know if I had Hillary Clinton or Obama photos from their events this week. Sadly I was too lazy to leave the day job, cross the street and get Hillary. Obama was a little more difficutl as he was down the street a few blocks. I don't know what got into me, but I just didn't bother. Now for people to skip Ferrera, that's just crazy, she is one of the top 25 girls to get published. So I dragged my tired sick self to
32 Degree Lux Lounge in the PM to shoot her again. My motivation was to see if maybe she let down her hair, or changed. Niether happened, and then I forgot to ask her who's boots she was wearing, 'cause they were fierce. I'm happy to say I was the only photographer to get the full length shot of her. I was late, stuck in the up stair case and had to shoot through the grill.
It's become more apparent to me that all the paps are competitors no matter what agency we are shooting for. I think I take a decent photo, I still need to read my camera's manual, but half the job is showing up to take the photo.

Friday, March 21, 2008

'Biggest Loser' 4 Contestant Nicole Michalik and Lisa from Philly's Q102

At an event last night. What an amazing job Nicole has done. She looks great. We're getting quite a lot of fun celebrities in Philadelphia. The other night I was lazy, a friend called me to tell me that Lauren Grahman and Jeff Bridges was eating at the restuarant that her cousin works at. I was at the gym, and then it was raining and I was like so over standing in the rain for that picture, which at any other time ie warmer weather, would have jumped at. Now what does that have to do with Nicole and Lisa, nothing. Just my random thoughts this week. Sorry to ignore you Confessions, I know I still have Fashion Week to write about, its only like almost 2 months ago. I must confess I am really busy, figuring out my path in Philly. Getting ready for the Phila Film Festival which should scare up a few celebs. Then its the TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL, I can't believe I am credentialed for that baby!! Oh and an awesome Meryl Streep Tribute too. See for the photos from SOUTH MOON UNDER Spring Celebration in Philly

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Mandy Moore has done for the yellow Gap raincoat what Sharon Stone did for the black turtle neck. The Sunday morning 2/3 Herve Ledger show brought out a few stars including Mandy Moore. None of my photos were published with her in it, but that's because I didn't always get eye contact or when I did I cut off her feet. I have to say it's a real skill to yell at someone or even raise your voice and get them to follow direction. I would have failed at being a parent. Sometimes I just pretend I am more demostrative, usually at home when I am arguing about politics Anyway this yellow number can be yours at the Gap for only $79, and if you live along the Northeast corrider you could really use a good raincoat.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rock Auction in Philadelphia priscilla presley meg ryan scary face

Oh how I have fallen down on the job of this blog, but the good news I did update my other blog. Oh and a comment, what did Priscilla Presley do to her face, doesn't her doctor love her, does she have the same doctor as Meg Ryan? Can't Lisa Marie tell her mom to stop screwing with her face. The other night I was invited to a lovely dinner; i hadn't seen the women who sat across from me since the holidays when she was botexed to death. I guess she decided to lay off the stuff for a bit, and let me tell you I have a better understanding of botox. It stretches out your face and when you stop doing it, you look like a witches hag as your skin is loose and sagging. It's such a shame too as this girl is only about 45 years old.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

OBAMA'S SPEECH WAS AMAZING, and Ashley Baia will get 15 minutes of fame

One of the first sites pulled up, after googling Ashley Baia is this NY Times article. It really encapsulates my feelings and abivilance on who I am going to support in the Pennsylvania Primary. Last night I talked to two Obama campaigners and they offered almost no information with substance besides don't you want to end the dynasty, don't you want change?

McGILLIN'S Olde Ale House St. Patricks Day Night Party Photos Let's do the Time Warp again!! St. Patrick's Day brings you and old together The Obama kids working the crowd, where was Hillary's? inside a wild and crazy time was had by all Check out the rest of the story and more photos at

Monday, March 17, 2008


Happy St. Patrick's Day (A sighting at Kildare's in Philadelphia) A random sighting in Philadelphia Saturday Night - Obama for President (note how O'Bama is spelled - LOL)

To see more photos from my St Patricks Day weekend check out

Friday, March 14, 2008

AMY SMART Us MAGAZINE, me published, its still a thrill!!

I finally got a great fashion shot published in Us Magazine. I wanted one so badly, I was grateful that Us Weekly published my Hillary Clinton shots, two weeks in a row, but they were only head shots. This week it happened for me, a nice size shot. It was in this article. One of my friends called me to tell me. Thanks, it meant a lot to me. I always dream of finding one on my own, I would have checked the mags today, but had lunch with a friend. And to tell you the truth I would probably miss it, but if I didn't it would be like screaming for a lottery win. Talk about miss, I had no idea who Amy Smart was that early sunday morning 2/3/08. There were only about 5 of us there, and we worked well as a team Id ing people. Someone told me this was Amy Smart, they didn't know what she was in, and neither did I, I still don't but will look her up in a minute. She'll always be my first (full length shot) and I will remember her fondly. Sometimes people ask me how I know its my photo, well for most glossies it has your name along the edge of the magazine. Here is mine!! Have a good weekend...thanks for reading me...

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Well you'll have to read again today...I confess

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'VE CONFESSED ABOUT TOM HANKS AND PAUL GIAMATTI at Philly Chit Chat But my thoughts on Madonna. Gurl has gotten a facelift and is about to drop her CD and her husband in the same year. Where was he on Rock & Roll induction night?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


It's always cool to see these brainiacs. It was cool to see Lou induct Leonard Cohen into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame tonight. He was the writer of the Hallelujah song featured on American Idol last week. In my head I have so many things I want to ask them, but at the same time I don't want to ruin the candidness of the shot. Of course I have no idea what I was doing when I took this shot at such an angle. Who is Lou asking to hurry up Come on hurry will ya its his girlfriend of 20 years performance artist, great, Laurie Anderson I saw them for the first time in October of 2005, it was an amazing experience to see these two legends Just a note on the R&R Hall of Fame inductions; I hope you had a chance to see Madonna's speech. Nice to hear her talk in her regular voice losing that English accent, and really humbled, and such a contrast to having the shallow, thin, bastard Justin Timberlake introduce her, especially since he took two pot shots at Britney Spears. I hope people turn their backs on him, to attack someone when their at their lowest point in their lives. How immature is he?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Gov. Eliot Spitzer Resigns because of Prostitution Ring Involvement: "It was a Right Wing Conspiracy, they had too much Viagra in the water!"

Bush Reveals Tap Water as Prescription Drug Plan Hopes Doped Water Will Be His Legacy, President Says On a day when millions Americans were reeling from the news that there were trace amounts of prescription drugs in their drinking water, President George W. Bush made a stunning announcement at the White House. "I am responsible for this," Mr. Bush told reporters. "This is my idea of a prescription drug plan." Standing before a banner reading "Prescription Accomplished," the president said that he hoped providing Americans with free medications via their tap water would prove to be "the finest legacy" of his Administration. Mr. Bush indicated that America’s drug-laced waters could boost tourism in the U.S., adding that English rocker Pete Doherty was "getting on the next plane over here." Across the country, the announcement that President Bush had doped America’s drinking water with dozens of prescription medications drew a variety of reactions. "It makes me proud to be an American," said pitching great Roger Clemens. Responding to the news that she had been imbibing anti-anxiety drugs in her water, New York resident Carol Foyler said, "I’m not worried about it, but come to think of it, I’m not worried about anything anymore." But New York's Gov. Eliot Spitzer said that he believes all drinking water in the U.S. should come with a warning label indicating possible side effects. "I had a glass of water yesterday and I had an erection lasting more than four hours," he said.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

MADONNA AND ME - Rock & Roll Induction Tonight

Tomorrow MADONNA IS INDUCTED INTO THE ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME. If I wrote a book the title would be "Chasing Madonna, my life as a Paparazzi." Although I have seen Madonna in concert half dozen times, I have never seen her in person as a paparazzi. Once in 1988 a friend of mine who lived in NYC hung out with her and invited me to come along, but there were rules, no photos, no talking to her about her music, I had to keep it under control, and treat her like everyone else. Believe it or not, I turned him down, it made me too nervous, I told him I didn't think I could remain cool. Here's my Madonna Story: EVERYBODY: Madonna's first radio played song, it didn't catch on. I noticed her though, and when it was announced she would play at the Playpen in Wildwood, NJ 6 months later in August I was so there, but them they released "Holiday" and it shot to the top and they cancelled her appearance 'cause the dive place was no place for a superstar. At first many people thought she was a black performer, until the video was made and put out on MTV. I always hated this song because it cancelled her appearance. I knew she was going to be someone and I wanted to see her first. LIKE A VIRGIN debut at MTV Music Awards: She got the worlds attention. PAPA DON'T PREACH Madonna pisses off the Catholic Church again. Someone close to me was forced to give their baby up for adoption. I cried a lot that year whenever the song would come on. LOVE DON'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE: Madonna doesn't release this song. She's met Sean Penn and she was in love. Me: Love was hard for a young gay boy like me. I spent alot of time drinking and crying into my rum & coke. LIKE A PRAYER. Madonna held a mirror up to the Catholic Church to reflect their hypocrisy. Having been rejected by my family and my Church based on that religion, I embraced what I thought would be an embarassement to the Catholic Church. Instead the world held Madonna album burnings. DRESS YOU UP WITH MY LOVE: Madonna is making money, she needs to go on a diet. ME: It's my favorite song still today, I am so co-dependent. TRUE BLUE, nah AIN'T NO BIG DEAL. Everyone was listening to True Blue, I like what was on the B Side: CHERISH: My 2nd Favorite Song. Madonna wrote this when she was married to Sean Penn. By the time the song came out, they had broken up. ME: Madonna inspired me to visit the Pacific Ocean. I was in love (with the wrong guy) when this song came out and it made a lot of sense to me. TIL DEATH DO US PART- Madonna: It's not biographical (she's not always good with the truth.) ME: I could relate to this having just ended a violent four year relationship. I was going to paralegal school during the day, dancing at Pulsations and Gatby's at night. Madonna - Express Yourself - Madonna gets her real message across - "Don't Go For Second Best"; I was coming into my own, I moved into Philly expecting to move to NYC within 5 years. VOGUE - Madonna embraces the gays again and again. Me: Someone at work asks me if "Gave Good Face" met giving a BJ. It was sad that people were so out of touch with Rita Hayworth. Party harty at KURTS on Chestnut Street. Later Pink would make her debut there. I love it when a dancer steps on Madonna's dress and she throws him attitude. HANKY PANKY- Madonna begins her slide into exposing her sexual fetishes. This clip is from the Blond Ambition Tour: The pope banned the show, she was almost arrested in Canada because of the masturbation segment, she lost her voice while on tour and filmed the whole thing which was later to be known as the film 'Truth or Dare'. I saw Dick Tracy at the first midnight showing, and then about 12 more times that month. I like Hanky Panky alot, it was fun. This was my Butch period. EROTICA: Madonna was at the pinicle of her "in your face" attitude. The song gave us permission to explore the darker side of partying, drugs, sex, and S&M. Life was out of control for Madonna and me. Her career was circling the drain and so was mine. Madonna shocked the world with her SEX BOOK; Why did she do it? Her career took a nose dive, and would take Evita and a pregnancy to get it back on track. ME: I got sober this year, I had no money and couldn't afford to buy this book. On my Five year anniversary of being sober a good friend gave me his copy as a gift. FORBIDDEN LOVE: Jake Gyllenhaal & Madonna ONE MORE CHANCE: She filmed this at the same time as TAKE A BOW. She had a crush on Antonio Banderas during this period. He wasn't going to leave his wife for her. She probably wanted to know what happened to her career too. Me: It's haunting and my life is finally on track, I am in love, we bought a house and my relationship with my parents is better than ever. DROWNED WORLD: Madonna: Gave up everything for her dream, but now wants Love and a Family. Me: Sometimes I feel guilty being a paparazzi. NOBODY'S PERFECT: Madonna: doing her best Cher impersonation. Constantly reminding us that no one is perfect, she's not perfect, she's made mistakes in her career. She didn't realize how influential she really was. She doesn't want her mistakes to effect her children so they're not allowed to watch TV, watch MTV or read magazines. ME: I regret a lot too, but won't dwell on it, and people have the right to re-invent their lives, it's our lives. I LOVE NY: Madonna started her career in NYC. When she arrived she told the cab driver to take her to the middle of everything, he dropped her off in Times Square. The first time I saw HUNG UP, it was on the Screen in Times Square, I was living in NY when CONFESSIONS ON THE DANCE FLOOR CAME OUT. I named my blog Confessions of a Paparazzi after the title of her CD. GET TOGETHER: Madonna has reached ZEN, Me Too!! 25 Years of Madonna Tomorrow night Madonna gets inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I won't be there, I didn't get credentialed. I guess I will have to continue the chase. (EDITORS NOTE - SUNDAY NIGHT I WAS IN NYC HANGING OUT BY MADONNA'S HOUSE, LEFT AFTER 30 MINUTES TO GO SOMEWHERE ELSE 'cause I was thinking maybe she's not even in town yet, WRONG, she was rehearing at the Waldorf (she's not even singing [FIRST TIME ANY INDUCTEE REFUSED], what is she rehearsing?) SHE CAME, ONE PERSON GOT THE PHOTO, IT WILL SELL WELL, I AM AN IDIOT AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN PATIENT. A fan saw her the day before and didn't take her photo, and someone forgot to tell me that nugget, otherwise I wouldn't have second guessed myself and would have stayed -Shitz!!)

Friday, March 07, 2008

WAS ASHLEE SIMPSON DRUNK WHEN SHE GOT HER TATOO? According to gandalfthegator on Ebay she had at least one drink!

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer 3/6/08, the stated reason for Ashlee Simpson's one-hour lateness to Monday's CD autograph session at the Wal-Mart in Bensalem: She'd been driven to the wrong Wal-Mart. Simpson signed for those who bought copies of her song "Outta My Head." After the signing ended around 8PM, did she tie one on and then decide to get a tatoo? The next day it was reported Ashlee Simpson was on the "Kane Morning Show" on DC's Hot 99.5 and came off sounding a bit dazed and confused. Here she is the next morning at DC Hot 99.5, where this photo was taken of her big ass tatoo around 8AM. It must take a couple hours to do a tat that big; it had to be painful; if she didn't have a few drinks to ease the pain, then did she really lip synch on SNL?According to gandalfthegator on EBAY, Ashlee had at least one Margarita at a resturaunt in Bensalem before she hit the road in her tour bus with her groupies, to the next days radio gig in Washington DC, three hours away. Quick thinking by gandalfthegator who scooped up Ms. Simpsons glass and lime and offers it here on EBAY for you the fan. Ashlee even licked the Lime: ***** Here's her radio interview on TMZ :

Thursday, March 06, 2008


Today my Palm reminded me that it's Kati's Birthday. Kati is one of my favorite subjects to shoot, but like so many of my friends she rarely sees the results. Damn I wish I was more organized. Last month Kati and I went to the Diane von Furstenburg fashion show. We saw celebrities there like Ellen Barkin, Barry Diller (or as I call him DVF BFF or gay husband) and Fran LebowitzWe got a backstage tour (more on this later) Isn't Kati pretty? Kati's married to Simon, my BFF. We all chat at least 5 times a week. At the end of the month Mike always makes comments like, "Did you know you talked to Simon (& Katie) 2000 minutes last month?" Kati spotted the Devil Queen - Anna Wintour DVF comes out after show

Happy Birthday Kati!!

DON'T RELY ON YOUR GPS or you just might end up in Brooklyn

I did, as I rushed to the private screening of "Miss Pettigrew Lives One Day" I followed "Daniel's" instructions and ended up in the Battery-Brooklyn Tunnel. When I finally got to the screening location I saw lots of flashes going off and Amy Adams posing in full fashion without her coat and without me.
Surprisingly with all my contacts in NYC, no one told me about this screening that was held on a SUNDAY, Rule #1, if a Screening or big event is on a weekend, I can make it, call me!! It looks like a lot of people knew about this event. I found out in a casual conversation with a pap who wasn't even bothering to shoot it. That was at 3PM, the event was at 5:30PM, I could have made the 90 minute trip from Philly to screening if it wasn't for the damn GPS.
I did catch a few people going in like Rufus Wainwright and his boyfriend of 3 years boyfriend Jorn Weisbrodt. And I say it with the 3 years, as Rufus was always a wild party boy. I just saw him in Wilmington De a few months back. Not completely impressed, I guess he's an acquired taste. His sister Lucy opened for him and I enjoyed her; funny story teller she is. Awww Steve Buscemi he's great Carol Alt looking better than ever, even though I think she sucks at Celebrity Apprentice I caught that Amy on her way out, although she didn't give me fashion, would only pose for this one shot, and her big headed assistant was behind her.
This is it for the week, I am off to NYC to cover the big opening of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" and the afterparty. I dread doing an all nighter, but that's what I am planning to do as Amtrak refuses to run trains at midnight, bastards!! So it's the 4AM train for me. Hmm can I stay awake that long? I am practicing as its 2AM right now.
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