Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Does that hurt her eyes... I am coming up to my one year anniversary of shooting professionally in New York City, 'cause you know I started as a "fan" in Aug 2005, then moved back to Philly and started in March 2007 and then went to NYC 5/4/07 for my first gig - The Met Costume Ball, which I hope to be shooting from the Red Carpet on Monday night, which would bring this whole gig full circle. But just the fact that I shot Robert DeNiro twice in a week is a thrill. Thanks for reading. Praise the Lord Amy Poehler, now playing the title role in "Baby Mama," is one in real life as well. Her husband Will Arnett is on her right Why didn't the news sites run this photo, he's pointing right at her belly, don't they see what I see. Steve Martin is leering his next victim, Christie Lahti. Ya know I loved her since that movie with Mary Tyler Moore and Ted Danson.
What is Dax Shepard doing. OK actually a photographer was yelling to him that he should move closer so she could get a better shot, and he motioned and said "don't you have a zoom lense?" Doesn't my friend Suzanne look like Tina Fey? She's single guys and lives in NYC, and can afford it. Tina Fey Who is this women, she is awfully purple. I think she was going for worse dressed, but no one knew who the heck she was.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

MARIAH CAREY LOVES NICK CANNON but will she love Madonna after Hard Candy; Ok this is really about my Aussie Friend In The UK's celebrity Website

In the past few weeks, Julie has seen the stars, and she has the stories... Ya gotta LOVE MARIAH!!! (Missing her Nick Cannon) Read about Julie's adventures here: Then go out and buy Madonna's new CD. I wish I were in NYC right now buying it at Virgin Records in Times Square, they are having a huge party. I was there in 2005 for Confessions on the Dance Floor, where do you think I got this blog title from?

Monday, April 28, 2008

MARIAH CARREY NICK CANNON MR. CHOW'S E=MC2 DA BRAT and how I got the photos in New York City

After shooting the Vanity Fair Party that kicks off the Tribeca Film Festival, my two friends, Margarita, Carmen (PhotoImagePress - Photo Agency) and I headed to my new fav restaurant - Bubby's In the car I mentioned overhearing that Mariah may be having a party, did they hear about that. Nope. After a phone call someone did verify there was a party, but as business goes, they couldn't mention it to me because of who I was rolling with that night. I am switzerland, and roll with a lot of different groups, and respect when one group wants the shot, if I am with another group that night. Lucky us, as we finished dinner I of course still want to shoot and as Thom Cardwell says would go to an envelope opening if I can get a shot. I noticed a bunch of cars across from Bubby's and wondered what that place was. "It's Mr Chow's" Margarita exclaims. Really, I say, that's Mr. Chow's, I always wondered where it was. Alot of "people" seem to go there. Margarita drove by showing me the patio, and then Carmen noted all the black SUV's and other markings. Oh look there's Mariah's car. We quickly park.
And find out Mariah went in 10 minutes ago, right as Carmen enjoyed her Key Lime Pie. But wait here come's Nick Cannon (I forgot about this photo, I didn't send it to my agency, and it wasn't reported that he too was at the party).
It's 11:30PM and we are in for a long night of waiting. We hang out on the sidewalk, chatting and watching Da Brat come out to the porch dancing to Mariah Tunes that almost all of Tribeca can hear. I am tempted to take a photo, as she is looking right at me, but know that without permission the scene could become a mess. Inside the door of Mr. Chow's I can see silver balloons spelling out MARIAH and gold ballons fill the ceiling and are tied to the railings. More people pile onto the patio, where people are smoking cigarettes and some wacky skunk smelling weed. As the night wears on the laughter mellows out and the girls begin to eat up and order champagne. Then at about 1AM, Sherrie comes out "Take a picture of me", I'm Mariah's back up singer. Will do Cherrie. To the left you can see some of the palms that shield the front porch where Da Brat is hanging. Slowly the place begins to release it's inhabitants. At about 1:10AM out comes LA Reid.Da Brat. Who is cool, stops for a photo and says "That's right, stop the hating". Next to her is her producer, who I wish I could recall his name and company. By this time a cute asian girl has popped up on the scene. She is a huge Mariah Carey fan. She got out of bed as soon as she got the tip that Mariah was at Mr Chows. She used to live in Japan and follow Mariah there; when she Mariah first saw her in NYC, she "recognized" her. She tells me she's not like those other crazy Mariah fans. She's brought a gift for Mariah. She has a Hello Kitty band aid in her hand. She has to see where Mariah is wearing her's today so she can follow suit. (Mariah: right hand near thumb, see picture) Then it's time, and I feel that the asian girl isn't so crazy after all. I am all tingling. I am in a position where a lot of Mariah fans wish they could be, especially the ones that live in Middle America that are only going to read this blog and might never have a chance to see Mariah up close. WOW I am excited. Mariah's people tell us she is going to pose. So me and Carmen stop shooting so Mariah can get into position. The next two photos are basically the same. This one is Carmen's and the next is mine. What is so great about Mariah is she knows these photos are for her fans, and she gives eye contact to both photographers that are on hand. If I learned one thing about Mariah over the years, its that she really does appreciate her fans. The thing I like best about Carmen's photo, besides the contrasting shade, in my shot, Mariah has the seal of the door coming out of her head. Now most people might not notice that, but it drives me crazy. This is the whole scene. I think the women to Mariah's left in the black coat outfit is her mother, supporter or close assistant. She has a lot of butterflies Mariah has her butterfly ring on her wedding ring finger. (Two days later at the screening of her movie "Tennesee" she sported what looked like an engagement ring)
Here's Carmen hard at work, Mimi is looking towards me, but it's not a shot I will send anywhere. The fan is to my left, Mimi acknowledges her, grabs the gift, but the poor girl doesn't get a photo or anything as Mariah is whisked to the car. This is the shot Carmen go as Mariah looks toward me. The colors and clarity are so rich. Mariah looks mahvalous!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

MADONNA I Am Because We Are Screening that I will be missing

Maybe its a mistake, but I just can't hack going to NYC today to shoot the Madonna Screening. If I did, then my mojo would be zapped and I would have an ending to my book "Chasing Madonna", but actually I have a wedding in DC to go to tomorrow and I would just be spent if I did both. Last night I did see this legend, Faye Dunaway. Maybe when M is her age, I will finally get to photograph her. But it doesn't mean I am not resentful as yet another conflict arose that prevented me from "Chasing Madonna"

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I can hardly believe it, in a few hours I am going to NYC to pick up my credentials to cover the Tribeca Film Festival. It was only a few years ago that I first went to this event, the Vanity Fair Tribeca Film Festival "Opening Party" as a "fan" and had my first sighting of Robert DeNiro, Kitty Carlise Hart, Jeff Goldblum, Ed Burns, Barbara Walters and Cindy Adams Iman and David Bowie. These shots were taken near their cars, and now I get to stand in the press area and get full length shots as they pose for me. It is really amazing, awesome for me. And rumor has it that this little lady might show up; her documentary premieres on Thursday, her CD drops on Tuesday, she may need a little PR. I did not take this photo, I downloaded it in 2005 when Madonna appear on Letterman last and I had been sent to San Francisco on a three week work jaunt so I missed her. Needless to say I will be out of blog world until at least Thursday.

Monday, April 21, 2008

CHELSEA CLINTON GAY BAR PUB CRAWL IN PHILADELPHIA; or getting a lesbian goosed makes international headlines

It's all for PR get out the vote, and if it takes getting goosed by another girl to make international headlines, so be it! I'm not saying it was this girl, but I am saying this girl was beyond excited after taking this shot, and where is her left hand? See the other photos at:

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Metamorphose of A Photo - Chelsea Clinton and Gov Rendell participate in a Gay (GLBT) Pub Bar Crawl in Philadelphia

After shooting events, I normally wait 24 hours to see if the photos are picked up by news organizations, online glossies or bought by various blog/web sources so I can add them to my portfolios. I do this by doing word searches, I have no idea where the photo goes I am invoiced usually 30 days out by my agency. So yesterday I did my search and this is what I found. This first site probably paid for the photo, as they gave proper credit to my agency, but the subsequent sites probably just lifted the photo, which is not really ok, but that's not the battle I am going to bother to fight on this beautiful Sunday. This is not my "money shot", but please give me photo credit.


I love how this site states "What a drag...Chelsea and Ed hit the gay bars."

image ; And then a reader on his site left a comment about the photo and directed us to his site and to see what he created probably based on that "What a drag..." line. The metamorphose of the photo


This guy's site is hysterical. Tell him HughE sent you: Check out my other site for more coverage of Chelsea does Philly's Gay Bars

Thursday, April 17, 2008



Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Patti Smith grew up in Deptford, NJ until the age of 17 when she left to pursue her dreams in NYC. Last night her movie was screened at the PFF on Closing Night. I had a few moments with her right before she hit the stage. I told her and her director, Steven Sebring, how moving the piece was. I asked where she grew up, Deptford, she went to Deptford High School. I almost asked her if she knew so and so and then realized I was talking to Patti Fucking Smith and got nervous and wanted to cry with admiration.

So you know if this was Madonna I would be falling at her feet, hugging her ankles for dear love spewing my emotions all over the place.Here's Patti and her son Jackson. Unbenost to us all Patti watched the movie from the audience. I knew her son was in the crowd because every time a scene with him in it came on, everyone heard outrageous laughter. It was only later when I asked a friend if they had taken Patti to dinner did she tell me that Patti watched the film with us. Team Derek was in the house, they watched the movie, said they were big fans. Later scored this 'graphs. I look forward to hanging out with these guys this summer catching stars, they seem to know where they be!To read more about the night, to see photos of you and your friends and the ICON PATTI SMITH, check out

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I went to NYC yesterday to cover an event where ICON Meryl Streep recieved an honor from the Lincoln Center Film Society. It was great fun, I got to see alot of stars that I really admire, but it is also a huge commitment. I was told the press check in was at 4:30, but in NYC you have to get on the photographers list, which is first come first serve. That is how the photographers pick spots for all the events. Would be nice if that was done in Philly, but well nevermind about Philly. I got to the venue about 3PM, after I went to TRL to miss Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. Demis and Carmen two of my close photography friends. Carmen is responsible for this mess I call my 2nd job/passion. It was with her and her sister's Margarita's encouragement that I bought my first professional camera. Now I am on my third camera as I killed the other two (They have a life span of about 100,000 pictures)
Look at the friendly bunch in NYC. I may not miss the insanity of NYC, but I do miss the camadarieship of working with these guys. Thats everyone's gear on the riser. It's always nice when a venue sets up a riser, just in case someone forgets their ladder and needs to shoot over the front row. So after about 3 hours things pick up and we are all in place to begin shooting the photos that you get to see on the web, entertainment sites, and in the glossies. This is on my left. I was number 18, so I am in the 2nd row, but still a good spot with the step-up-and-repeat in front of me. The peps to the far left don't have it. But all in all the Lincoln Center PR made sure we all had space, they were great with the celebs, the pacing was perfect, the placement on the carpet worked well. Everyone got their shots. I think next time I won't take a half vacation day to shlep up to NYC for this event, maybe a half of a half. As a third of the photographers got there right at 4:30PM, as they were shooting Julia Roberts at Lord & Taylor's, who was shooting a move with Clive Owen. When I got to NYC I got this info, I should have called ahead to friends to get this info, as it would have been icing on the cake for my trip. I always like to get two events when I travel to the big Apple. This is the view to my right. First up scary Christopher Walken, who walkened so fast off the red carpet I barely got a shot. That was a bit irritating.
The men arrived first and here's Mike Nichols sans the beautiful Diane Sawyer. I was surprised to see him here tonight as his new play 'Country Girl' had it's opening preview on Braodway too. (I passed by on my way home and didn't see anyone to photograph)
Uma and Amy arrived on the red carpet at the same time, but Uma with her star power and aggressiveness pushed Amy aside and did the bulbs first. I didn't send this shot to my agency as it looked grainey, but now and here I see it looks fine. Oh well, it probably wasn't the money shot, but she does look beautiful.Amy was up next, she looks unspectacular and I have seen her in this look before Then the star of the show, the Icon, the Legend....MERYL STREEP, who is so un star like, seemed embarrased by all the attention and mocked it up a bit out there. At one point as she moved to the next section, responded to the paps in the last section, she had just left, that if they really wanted a shot they should come to where she was, and a lot of the photographers did that creating a third row of shooters. I and my lazy self felt I blinded Ms Streep enough, but the I remembered, wait they have a different background, its a nice change, but in a flash she was gone and I missed that shot. I love this shot, she is stretching her neck giving good face for the camera. Finally it was still a fun night, and afterwards I had dinner with Margarita and Carmen and I was happy I took that half vacation day to shoot Streep and eat at Bubby's. Tonight Patti Smith is in town for the last night of the Phila Film Festival, it's 3AM and I am off to bed. UPDATE: check out this fan's perspective Musings from America:
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